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Issue 16 - Page 11

Looks like Spooky won't be getting any sympathy from this quarter. As promised, here's the full spread. These two page layouts are a fun challenge now and then.

Oh, I nearly forgot! I received an email earlier that the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective is currently accepting applications! If you have a webcomic and would like to join up with other comic creators, now's the time. For more information about the requirements and process, please see the apply page. True, I'm not a member anymore - so much stuff was coming down the chute at once and it didn't seem fair for me to stay a member if I couldn't participate much at all. Still, it's a fun group. So, if you have a comic, give it a look! The deadline for applications is August 24th.

Comments [26]:

Thank you for all the hard work such impressive panels
Thank you, Bear! :D
Casual Notice
"Mortals are subject to death." Nicely put. Turns out that the fae are subject to burning agony, but I bet that doesn't mean you'd be okay with us driving an iron locomotive through the Seelie Court...
Similar to my first thought, mine was iron shrapnel... except I had not had the forethought to go straight for the Court..... I like your style....
Ooo, me too! Either that, or a bus. No tracks needed.
How about a old fashioned steam tractor.. That should get their attention
Well, add a combine harvester on the back of your tractor and I reckon you'd have a mechanical behemoth to put a bit of 'respect' into at least a few of the fey! ;-)
Imre Bellic
I have the perfect vehicle to send through the gate - look up "Sherman Crab" ( Its a WW2 US tank designed for mine clearing. That would ruin a Fae's day REAL fast! Great work as usual Darcy!
Just pondering after seeing how well modern tech worked around Astoria if an internal combustion engine would work in the world of the fae.
G�del Fishbreath
There was a novel where an engineer found a way to suspend iron particles in water. Used a spray bottle and holy water. Nasty.
Well, a diesel engine with a mechanical fuel pump would run just nicely. :=3 No electricity needed to keep the engine running. No matter what the magic might do to tech, compressing air to be hot enough to ignite a fuel is strictly physics. If they have fire, which they do, a diesel engine will run merrily away. :=3
Imre Bellic
The Sherman Crab was diesel powered IIRC, if not, it certainly could be.
Something tells me considered logic and diplomacy are not going to work very effectively at this point....
It is interesting that the immortal, magic using, creatures demand respect while they obviously have no respect for the mortals in return.
Well, when you come from a time when those mortals worshipped you as a god and want to return to those times... The double standard is pretty well established here.
Darls Chickens
The BBC's new Sherlock confronted Moriarty's sins by telling him, "People have died!" Mory's answer was, "That's what people DO!" I keep wanting to reply, "They certainly don't need help from your lot, matey." That feeling is back.
Good. That's the feeling I'm trying to generate. :)
Darls Chickens
Ooh! I have his next line: "I can't stop the dying, but I will stop the killing."
What a sense of scale in the full spread! Love the sense of distance too with the blue haze in the field. Definitely an "OH SH*T" moment for mortals.
Dewi Morgan
Just snorted coffee out through my nose, because the very next site I visited after reading this page gave me the error: "502 Bad Gateway".
As much as I love what everyone is saying about mortality above, got to say, she's probably the prettiest fey I've seen in the series! Maybe even better looking than the fey queens?! *hides from their wrath!*
Iron Ed
Merrybelle is the prettiest Fey!! ;-) (Well; "was" anyway. :-( ) I like these views. They are very close to how I've always pictured English/UK countrysides; although I've never actually been there. Pretty, Darc! Very pretty!!
This is just after WWII, so they should have the 50 cal gun. With a trained sniper and good optics, the shooter could be over a mile from the gate. It should not be that hard for them to come up with a bullet with an iron shell. Perhaps a plastic coating that falls off (sabot). Make the bullet crumbly so that it won't just go through. But just sprinkling caltrops (look like a jack with four points) in the gate would be effective. Unless they start to wear boots I suppose.
Iron Ed
Shortly after WWII they did not have .50 cal. ammunition or guns capable of that accuracy. They could get the range and certainly hit the gate, but not reliably hit a person. The idea is good though; just need to shorten the range a bit. :-)
They had people in the US Civil war that could hit targets at outrageous distances. Whether this was one shot one kill or 100 shots one kill I don't know.
Iron Ed
True; but I don't think they could do it reliably. Even Billy Dixon (He knocked an Am. Indian off his horse at 1,000+ yards.) admitted it was luck. He had been aiming at a -group- of Indians, not an individual, and that one just happened to be in the 'right' spot. ;-) Still, your whole idea does have merit. You just need a very specialized, cutting-edge technology, rifle and scope built for you. :-)