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Looks like Spooky won't be getting any sympathy from this quarter. As promised, here's the full spread. These two page layouts are a fun challenge now and then.

Oh, I nearly forgot! I received an email earlier that the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective is currently accepting applications! If you have a webcomic and would like to join up with other comic creators, now's the time. For more information about the requirements and process, please see the apply page. True, I'm not a member anymore - so much stuff was coming down the chute at once and it didn't seem fair for me to stay a member if I couldn't participate much at all. Still, it's a fun group. So, if you have a comic, give it a look! The deadline for applications is August 24th.

2013-08-05 01:22:02 
Thank you for all the hard work such impressive panels
2013-08-05 13:55:25 
Thank you, Bear! :D
Casual Notice
2013-08-05 06:45:51 
"Mortals are subject to death." Nicely put. Turns out that the fae are subject to burning agony, but I bet that doesn't mean you'd be okay with us driving an iron locomotive through the Seelie Court...
2013-08-05 06:56:17 
Similar to my first thought, mine was iron shrapnel... except I had not had the forethought to go straight for the Court..... I like your style....
2013-08-05 13:55:13 
Ooo, me too! Either that, or a bus. No tracks needed.
2013-08-06 05:19:32 
How about a old fashioned steam tractor.. That should get their attention
2013-08-06 08:10:59 
Well, add a combine harvester on the back of your tractor and I reckon you'd have a mechanical behemoth to put a bit of 'respect' into at least a few of the fey! ;-)
Imre Bellic
2013-08-07 04:06:40 
I have the perfect vehicle to send through the gate - look up "Sherman Crab" ( Its a WW2 US tank designed for mine clearing. That would ruin a Fae's day REAL fast! Great work as usual Darcy!
2013-08-07 04:23:18 
Just pondering after seeing how well modern tech worked around Astoria if an internal combustion engine would work in the world of the fae.
G�del Fishbreath
2013-08-07 15:40:50 
There was a novel where an engineer found a way to suspend iron particles in water. Used a spray bottle and holy water. Nasty.
2013-08-09 12:54:10 
Well, a diesel engine with a mechanical fuel pump would run just nicely. :=3 No electricity needed to keep the engine running. No matter what the magic might do to tech, compressing air to be hot enough to ignite a fuel is strictly physics. If they have fire, which they do, a diesel engine will run merrily away. :=3
Imre Bellic
2013-08-10 11:30:41 
The Sherman Crab was diesel powered IIRC, if not, it certainly could be.
2013-08-05 06:57:35 
Something tells me considered logic and diplomacy are not going to work very effectively at this point....
2013-08-05 12:25:27 
It is interesting that the immortal, magic using, creatures demand respect while they obviously have no respect for the mortals in return.
2013-08-05 12:51:22 
Well, when you come from a time when those mortals worshipped you as a god and want to return to those times... The double standard is pretty well established here.
Darls Chickens
2013-08-05 13:01:25 
The BBC's new Sherlock confronted Moriarty's sins by telling him, "People have died!" Mory's answer was, "That's what people DO!" I keep wanting to reply, "They certainly don't need help from your lot, matey." That feeling is back.
2013-08-05 13:56:13 
Good. That's the feeling I'm trying to generate. :)
Darls Chickens
2013-08-07 19:10:33 
Ooh! I have his next line: "I can't stop the dying, but I will stop the killing."
2013-08-05 14:25:26 
What a sense of scale in the full spread! Love the sense of distance too with the blue haze in the field. Definitely an "OH SH*T" moment for mortals.
Dewi Morgan
2013-08-05 14:54:01 
Just snorted coffee out through my nose, because the very next site I visited after reading this page gave me the error: "502 Bad Gateway".
2013-08-05 20:13:47 
As much as I love what everyone is saying about mortality above, got to say, she's probably the prettiest fey I've seen in the series! Maybe even better looking than the fey queens?! *hides from their wrath!*
Iron Ed
2013-08-06 00:08:29 
Merrybelle is the prettiest Fey!! ;-) (Well; "was" anyway. :-( ) I like these views. They are very close to how I've always pictured English/UK countrysides; although I've never actually been there. Pretty, Darc! Very pretty!!
2013-08-06 17:09:31 
This is just after WWII, so they should have the 50 cal gun. With a trained sniper and good optics, the shooter could be over a mile from the gate. It should not be that hard for them to come up with a bullet with an iron shell. Perhaps a plastic coating that falls off (sabot). Make the bullet crumbly so that it won't just go through. But just sprinkling caltrops (look like a jack with four points) in the gate would be effective. Unless they start to wear boots I suppose.
Iron Ed
2013-08-06 21:14:43 
Shortly after WWII they did not have .50 cal. ammunition or guns capable of that accuracy. They could get the range and certainly hit the gate, but not reliably hit a person. The idea is good though; just need to shorten the range a bit. :-)
2013-08-09 11:12:30 
They had people in the US Civil war that could hit targets at outrageous distances. Whether this was one shot one kill or 100 shots one kill I don't know.
Iron Ed
2013-08-10 16:41:03 
True; but I don't think they could do it reliably. Even Billy Dixon (He knocked an Am. Indian off his horse at 1,000+ yards.) admitted it was luck. He had been aiming at a -group- of Indians, not an individual, and that one just happened to be in the 'right' spot. ;-) Still, your whole idea does have merit. You just need a very specialized, cutting-edge technology, rifle and scope built for you. :-)