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Issue 16 - Page 10

Don't you hate it when strange women just poof themselves into your conversations? Poor Isaac Benison (the beagle guy). He's an archivist. He didn't sign up for all this prowling around in the dark and weird women popping out of thin air.

This is a two page spread. I'll load a link to the complete spread with next week's page.

Comments [18]:

This does not bode well for Spooky.
Lack of Respect of a lack of Fear? I believe this has been discussed before... At least Roderick has the right response.... No dumbfounded gaping, straight for his weapon.
*or*... dang typos! (just like my life, posting systems need an 'undo' button!) ;-)
I know what you mean. A surprising number of people will sail right past the "of" and see "or" instead. This makes competent proofreaders valuable assets. There was a Bible - 1,000 of them - in the 1700's that accidentally left the "not" out of "Thou shall not commit adultery" commandment. No one noticed. And books were a lot more valuable back than, even thou they had the printing press by than. Search for "Wicked Bible" (I assume - it was on TV last night).
Yes, when I leave typos like that, it does sort of bug me.... especially as I am seen by my colleagues as our technical proofreader! ;-)
Someone remind me; they tended to seal up portals with iron, correct?
John Walker II
Nothing says 'go away' better then a face full of iron...
Yup, iron burns the Fey, so if you fill the 'doorway' with iron they cannot enter without being set fire to. I imagine a cloud of iron filings would be like throwing napalm.
Thoes ears look rather familiar...
Heh, I thought the same thing.... Maybe Smiley has followed a family tradition like Ruby?
powerlessly empowered
Fey, Fey, go away, don't come back another day! (To the tune of Rain, rain, go away)
The Fey women, particularly the royalty, seem to have really small heads compared to their bodies. I see it with this imposing figure and looking back, notived it with the Queens during Treaty Night. Is that stylization or because the size difference to mortals?
Her head's actually a little closer to correct human proportions in this shot. I'm trying to improve my anatomy and sometimes actual human anatomy sneaks in. She's also standing with her hip area slightly forward and shoulders area back, which is causing some slight distortion. As for the fey Winter and Summer queens... those pages were drawn over two years ago. My anatomy was a lot more wonky back then. It's still wonky now at times, but I'm getting slightly better. Art is a lifelong learning process, especially for those of us who can't afford art school. ;P
Oh! I wasn't trying to split hairs, my bad, it reminded me of the forced perspective in medieval tapestries and made me wonder about the style. I think that the head to body ratio makes them appear more other-worldly compared to mortals as it is.
Nah, no worries. Head size consistency is something I'm trying to work on, so it helps me to know when something's a little off.
It looks like they might have artificially enhanced their height with magic. To simplify matters, they would likely do this by lengthening their lower torso rather than the entire body. This is a recipe for disaster without magic, but could work with it. Either that or they are wearing stilts.
SGT Lewis
The Fey do like to alter their forms, so don't worry too much about appearance.
Very true, thank you! :D