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Issue 16 - Page 09

It just occurred to me... the Hunt would make great personal fitness trainers. You know, if the whole 'hunting mortals down' thing ever gets old. They say running is good for you, but most of us lack the motivation to do so. Running for your life's motivating, right?

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Yes they got lucky more lucky than they realize. I don't think the agents know why the hunt stopped chasing them
Agent Spooky: Has any one got paper and pencil? I think we should wrote this one down.
The relief would be immense.... On a side note, I never really thought enough about how you'd convince those who you'd saved from blabbing to the world... I mean, at least a few would not accept "Please, Ma'am, just go home and forget this ever happened"
Yeah, but most adults know that if you tell other people something like this, they'll think you're crazy. That alone will eventually convince some of them it was only a dream. And of course, if a magical race goes after kids...well, we all know what big imaginations kids have! You just thought you saw an ogre, sweetie.
And worst comes to worse, there's always Retcon. XD (Sorry, sorry, Torchwood reference...)
Joel: You could do the Harry Potter/MIB option and make every one forget they saw it. Highly unethical, but effective until you get caught at it. Servo: Then you have the Bureau 13 ploy in which you hire any one who survives a supernatural encounter. Crow: Have the field agents send copies of their reports to highly disrespected tabloids. No one would ever believe them.
HEX the Dark
If you take a look at the archives, this was explained rather early. Most adults, if not have their nose pressed against one, have their mind ignore supernatural stuff. I think there is a scene where an unicorn is seen just as a regular horse. Also, there is this one persistent reporter, trying to gather evidence...
Right you are, Hex. I bow to your superior memory faculty.
Wow, amazing stuff. Funny thing is whenever i think of the wild Hunt, i'm always reminded of the Daedric lord Hircine from the elder scrolls series of games, who himself was 'Master of the Hunt' and creator of the 'Lycan affliction' The only diffrence with Hircines wild hunt i believe the victims are eaten by the hunters. Anyway, awesome work can hardly wait for more!
choo choo George
What is it that stops the wild hunt from crossing a running river? Are they afraid they'll get swept away or does the water itself have some magical power over them?
Flowing water has always been a traditional barrier against Fae and other supernatural creatures. It's been said that it disrupts the magical/spiritual energy, and that's a bit part of Fae and other such entities.
I was under the impression it was the same rule used for the headless horseman, or that one type of Chinese vampire, running water seems to symbolize 'new life' in a magical nature and most things that are ancient or that certain undead may not be able to handle magically that force of nature. I could be wrong though.
choo choo George
Well, thanks for the explanation Shadow, would a small creek about maybe 2 Ft or smaller stop them too, if it's flowing?
One traditional explanation - if you consider other web comics as "tradition" - would be that the fae have rules, and that rules to a fae are absolute and unchangeable and unbreakable by any means whatsoever.
A question just occurred to me. We know that if a moral out runs the Wild Hunt they are spared as "being worthy". Does this also apply to those that make their escape by crossing running water? Using that as an escape route shows that the mortal(s) are wily enough to evade their pursuers.
If the "running water" is small enough they can block it long enough to cross and get you. The traditional view of the fae is that they will honor the exact literal letter of the law, and not a letter more. This is a common thread in mythology, eg genies, the demon contract, and many more.
Even things like the whole bit about Leprechauns can be killed by four-leaf shamrocks?
SGT Lewis
England is a great place for the Fey. All those ley lines for them to tap into for magic. Japan is the only other country that is packed with so many ley lines so close together. Both countries have many tales of magicians and the supernatural that there may be a connection.
Brain fail. Looked at the first panel of Between the Panels and thought, "In brightest of day, In darkest of night . . ."