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Issue 16 - Page 08

Scotty knows his legends, it seems.

It looks like we've gotten the main issues between the new cintiq and my computer under control. One of the things that seems to have helped a lot was upgrading Photoshop. I was running Photoshop CS. I'm now running CS6. This newer version is much faster than CS - from stylus reaction to saving. I keep checking to make sure it actually saves. I'm used to Photoshop taking nearly a minute to save a page. It now takes maybe two seconds.

Here's a shot of the new Photoshop. The large screen and the new interface are still a little daunting.

I'll get used to this all eventually, it's just a lot of change all at once.

Comments [16]:

Dang, I'd be cactus up home.... no permanent river within 120kms! ;-) The layout looks good and the main image effects are quite effective.... good to hear Levi is beginning to play nice for you.
Meanwhile, folks in Ft. Lauderdale never have problems with fey. I'm guessing it's all of the canals. ;)
Looks great. Poor Ruby sitting at home with who knows how many tubs of chocolate ice cream and missing the excitement
G�del Fishbreath
Imagine crossing the LA river to evade: the 'river' is a ditch done in concrete with larger walls for when it floods. Many times it is dry. You must take your chances. It makes me wonder how much water flowing how fast is the minimum. Creek? Thin trickle? Local underground sewer and water lines? And how far out to sea could you go before it counts? All because I still think like an engineer.
HEX the Dark
I wouldn't think in such logical terms. We're talking about the fey - a river is a river and not a canal, it depends on what it's supposed to be.
Iron Ed
Dunno about in this universe, but, I think the primary requirement is that it be moving(flowing?) water, not necessarily the size of the stream. Although I suppose it might be limited to how far the Fey can jump unaided by magic. :-) p.s. Matt/Darc; I think another post of mine (for this page) has disappeared into the spam folder. Any idea what's causing that? Something I'm doing wrong??
I checked and didn't see any stray comments in the back end. Even if something is blocked for some reason, it'll still show up in the comments list. We had some server trouble over the weekend, so maybe that caused a few glitches. I'm sorry.
Iron Ed
Thanks for looking, Darc! No big deal; nothing actually important. :-) Just gets annoying when it happens more than once on just one comic. Makes me wonder if SOMEone is mad at me for some reason I do not know about. :-) :-) :-)
Us, be subtle? Never! ;D If it happens again please let us know. All comments should show up on the back-end of the site, even if they don't post on the site itself, so we may have a glitch in the commenting system to look into. If it's happening to you, it's likely happening to others as well. :(
Impudentus Gallus
Moving Water. Winter is good or bad, depending on whether the water under the frozen stuff is moving and if you don't fall through.
Have you ever considered adding the GIMP and/or Inkscape to your bag of tricks? I know they're nothing like a drop-in replacement for Photoshop, but you might find them useful. And if you install them with PortApps, you'll get updates automatically. The trade-off is that you have to open the software, and then use it to open the files -- no right-click integration.
There is always project dogwaffle 5. It's free right now.
Eric Bloedow
there was a scene in "tales of the Questor" where the hero tried to evade the wild hunt by crossing a stream...but the fey lord responded by creating a crude stone dam!
Impudentus Gallus
DAM! and then the water isn't moving!
*Groan* .... puns that bad should be punishable by death!... Or at least a severe noogie....
Running water is something that stops a lot of magic beings, as well as magic itself. A running stream can't be enchanted, because the water is flowing away too fast for magic to take hold. This is why most water magic sources are still pools or sludgy marshes.