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Issue 16 - Page 07

John Marcus and Michael Pyrenees... best friends forever! How do they show their friendship? By bickering. They still act this way today.

Matt and I think we've gotten most of the issues with the new cintiq settled. The only thing acting up now is Photoshop and we'll be doing an upgrade soon.

I apologize for being so quiet lately. I've been a little stressed about various things and haven't been online much. I'll catch up with emails and such over this next week. Thanks guys!

Comments [14]:

Iron Ed
Nice job of atmosphere change as they leave the area of smoke and flames. I also like the little sparks around the Fey; and it looks like they are bringing smoke and flame with them. :-)
Hera Ledro
Love the witty banter! Almost like they forget they're running for their lives. Really love that firey mist; absolutely beautiful.
HEX the Dark
Ha, that could be me and a friend of mine. We're always like that.
That poor tree, never did anyone any harm, and bam, suddenly, sword.
HEX the Dark
It'll survive. Them trees are hard buggers.
Eric Bloedow
ok, i give up: what kind of animal is the woman supposed to be?
Rabbit, looks like.
Good luck getting the last little kinks worked out with the tablet. Loving the smoky effects and the sparks around the Fey! :)
Looks more like a donkey to me. I think that there is a limited list of intelligent creatures in this comic. I know that horses aren't one of them, so I doubt if donkeys are intelligent here. And rabbits are. I think.
It's a cabbit. Cat-rabbit hybrid!
She's definately lapine. Her facial features are very much like John Marcus', only more feminine. Should be interesting to see what her role is, seeing that she's not wearing a stylized gorget (band).
Yes. I now notice the rear view, which is not ambiguous at all. Not many creatures have that sort of tail. And deer have smaller ears.
Yes; it was an ent.
Iron Ed
en't not more!