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Issue 16 - Page 06

The Wild Hunt is fun to draw, but a pain to color. Though working out how to handle the fire was interesting. While I have flame brushes, none of them looked right. So, I used some mist brushes instead. Improvise!

In other news... we were able to pick up the new cintiq sooner than we expected. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Leviathan. Mothra - the actual computer - looks small now by comparison.

We wouldn't have been able to do this without you guys! Thank you!

Comments [13]:

TWO of them?! There was just one Nuckelavee in the folklore, and he was bad enough on his own. It's a wonder that Orkeny was habitable before the seal was crafted.
I forgot to ask; is this story taking place in summer? If so, then the Mither of the sea might be able to help; she was the Nuckelaveefs arch-rival. If it's winter, or if shefs unwilling or unable to intervene, then the agents had better race for the nearest garden hose; those things canft stand fresh water.
Again, this is the Wild Hunt, and not the Nuckelavee. Completely different monsters.
I'm sorry, I thought your earlier comment meant the Nuckelavee was PARTICIPATING in the Wild Hunt; I thought any Fae could join.
Iron Ed
Those mist brushes do make for a -very- nice smokey atmosphere! Hmm.. Maybe the agents should carry a couple of non-specific spare collars around with them for emergencies. Or do they have to be 'tuned' to a specific person to work? It's still amusing to see the fire -through- these guys. :-) I'm so happy that you're happy with your new tool! Have to played with it enough yet to get a feel for how it will be in actual use?
Agreement here, the smoke/mist, the flaming hollow ribcages and freaky eyes make for a very impressive hunt.... I'm sure my thoughts would be somewhat different if I was the chased in John or Michael's place though. ;-)
I see that none off them has a sword. Were they out doing recon for front-line agents, or were they in the wrong place at the right time?
The Wild Hunt gives you two options: Join or be Hunted. Join the Hunt, and you are responsible for the deaths they cause. They may take you with them or leave you behind afterwards. However, if you become Hunted, and survive the Hunt (or take out one of the Hunters), you are left alone as Worthy Foe for the rest of your life.
The Hunt does still have the normal Fae weaknesses: Iron, Blessed Salt/Water, etc.
Heh, reminds me of a colleague I used to work with. Whenever we had a graveyard shift together something would go belly-up or something totally from left-field would occur and he'd say the same sort of thing. I always said "It's my good luck! A challenge keeps your seemingly boring life from getting too boring!"
Imre Bellic
The new Cintiq looks awesome - and so does the toon! Why when I see that scene do I envision it with "Yakety Sax" playing?
Hera Ledro
Run, run away *cackle* It just makes catching you that much sweeter. On a completely different note, I've been going through the newly-colored older strips, and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the shade of blue in Max's eyes. Those eyes are absolutely gorgeous now, and the old prismacolors just can't compare to this particular brilliance.
Darls Chickens
Are all these story details in Gillian's illusion? She's a child fast-forwarded in this realm so, accurate history or artistic license? The monsters look really good, like they're playing with their prey. Best of luck taming Levi.