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Here's this week's page. Sorry for the delay and thanks for waiting for my wrist to calm down a bit.

Iron Ed
2013-06-18 19:43:43 
Rabbit-guy looks kinda surprised at the announcement of Fae involvment. I really like how Gillian appears in the top of her narrative with her hair framing the whole piece.
2013-06-18 20:26:23 
Rabbit guy looks a little flighty..but..he's wearing a collar.
2013-06-20 03:11:21 
And you never saw a person, who knows [i]exactly[/i] what the root of problem is, and would prefer to not know it, but can not allow such ignorance?
2013-06-20 06:53:34 
Ahh, no, my point was that if he's wearing a collar he's earned it. Bravery isn't lack of fear, it's the overcoming of it.. Only a fool is never afraid. :)
2013-06-20 09:49:18 
True. You don't get to wear the band if your first instinct is to say, "I'm a fish," and then faint. Ask Todd. ;D
2013-06-18 20:16:14 
The story continues, and it doesn't seem Gillian particularity likes this part of the story. Even if this is way after her being taken to this place, she probably knows better then any of the other mortals brought to this place could look forward too.
2013-06-20 09:45:39 
Gillian knows a lot more than she seems to, that's for sure.
Foxx Trotter
2013-06-18 23:00:14 
The last name of the rabbit is Marcus. I can't remember his first name right now. To his right is Michael Pyrenees who is Ruby's grandfather. More information regarding them in the Prologue issues.
Foxx Trotter
2013-06-18 23:08:22 
John Marcus it looks like after researching earlier comments.
2013-06-19 08:47:23 
Yep, that's John Marcus. The slightly worried look on his face is typical for him. We think it's from working with Michael Pyrenees. :D
Foxx Trotter
2013-06-18 23:02:44 
I wasn't sure if my comment had posted the first time because it didn't do anything. Obvious it got delayed.
Iron Ed
2013-06-19 00:33:53 
We forgive you! :-) :-) :-)
Lily K
2013-06-19 09:07:26 
Welcome back! And as always, well worth the wait!
2013-06-20 09:45:08 
Thanks. I hate having a delay like that. :P
2013-06-19 09:52:24 
Neat, good to see the old crew in action again.... and for that matter, good to hear Darc' wrist is back in action! Take care...
2013-06-20 09:44:35 
Heh, 'till this weekend at least. I've another adjustment with those tools on Saturday. But, next week's page will be finished today so, no delays next week. :D
2013-06-19 17:06:30 
It is good to see these folks again, folks we haven't seen since the Prologue. I love how our Queen, looks when she was younger.. WAIT!!! She was a Princess at this time. She didn't become Queen until after Jacob's disappearance. Anyway, love how they all look, a bit more modern from the Prologue days so many many many years ago.
2013-06-20 09:43:47 
Thanks. The anatomy practice seems to be paying off a bit. They're a little less off-model this time around. :D
The Scavenger
2013-06-19 20:06:45 
Love the update. Hey Darc, got a good question for you. How do you pull off legends like that of Coyote in Native American legend when he is already considered a coyote/human hybrid in some stories.
The Scavenger
2013-06-19 21:38:58 
I only ask because of the comic a while back where Gypsy's mom was talking about magic in America and you showed a Native American person(he was either a fox or a badger. couldn't tell really). It got me thinking about some of their legends. For reference:
2013-06-20 09:42:40 
Coyote is a powerful trickster and a shape-shifter. As a result, he can be whatever he wants to be. Since a coyote/human hybrid is one of this main forms, a morphed coyote would most likely be one of his main forms in the CN:H world.
The Scavenger
2013-06-20 13:31:24 
Thanks. That has been on my mind for a while.
2013-06-21 10:52:55 
As one whose nick is based on him, easy. Coyote can be anthromorphic, feral, both or neither if he wants :)
2013-06-22 00:26:49 
Dang it...I've finally reached the current page of the comic. >_<