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Issue 15 - Page 22

Remember Mercy, Max and Ruby's frisky next door neighbor? She's back! And... can apparently enter the flat at will. Oh dear.

I apologize for the half-finished page. I'll keep pushing forward, but if some of the next few updates come through as sketches first and are finished up slowly through the week, please forgive me. Thanks guys.

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Iron Ed
Forgiven in advance, Darc! You know that. :-) The "Babes of RCSI" edition? How'd I miss that?!
Imre Bellic
Wait WHAT?! Darcy - I hope this exists, in which case I want a copy!
Indeed take care of your wrist. The page looks interesting
Is it just me or does that pinup look familiar
Carl Foxmarten
I thought she was onto Max at one point? Though I hope she can help Ruby out by keeping her distracted or something.
Imre Bellic
Darcy, please take all the time you need. It will be interesting to see how this develops, though.
I'm guessing while Mercy might not be a dangerous magical creature, she isn't above playing jokes and is very needy when it comes to relationships? She's already shown she's quite the flirt.
Also, take the time you need Darc. I'm certainly am not going to try to rush you with your wrists hurting.
Alan W.
Well, she's a succubus, so she can be deadly if one interacts with her too many times. Judging from her interaction with Ruby earlier, I think that Ms. Pyranees will be quite occupied. Mercy does strike me as being more on the harmless side, though a bit nosy. Ruby may think of her as being more than a bit nosy.
Well, this is an interesting development. Somehow I suspect this isn't the first time this has happened.
This insists I use the forum and i dont see a link for it.
Huh, you're right. I must have written over the forum link in the navigation area instead of adding an extra section like I planned. Never code when tired, I guess. The forum can be found here -,32.0.html - Sorry for the confusion.
Take care of yourself Darc. Your work is worth waiting for.
Thanks guys. Hopefully I can get a bit more inking done today. Sorry for the delay.
Take your time Darc. As for this one, It seems Mercy goes through lovers like shoes and she can be a redhead if she wishes..... so will she see Ruby as competition?
Hmmm.... also looks like Mercy remembered Ruby's comment about Max's 'stash' and she has been into it.... or is this something even more embarrassing for Max?
Darc, by all means, take care of your wrist. Your work is well worth the wait.
forgiven do what you need to do we can wait
Iron Ed
Love Mercy's expression in the third panel. :-)
Karma Squirrel
Poor Darc! Take it easy. You need that wrist for important things. Like dishing ice cream and flipping pages in a good book. *hugs* Take care of yourself first, and your audience second. CN:H is plenty good enough to be worth the wait. :)
choo choo george
I agree with Karma Squirrel, take care of yourself 1st, we can wait, and as they say: absence makes the heart grow fonder, or something like that.
At some point, people (eg aggressive unmarried females) are going to have to notice just who Hunter is. Plus he's handsome (I assume), smart, and easy to get along with. Maintaining his single status is not going to be effortless.
Imre Bellic
I think everyone is hoping that Ruby and Max will get together. Since Ruby's a redhead, things will *never* be boring!
choo choo george
Wow, CN:H looks absolutely great, doing it in color really is amazing and the work you put into it really shows, excellent quality. I work in quality assurance aerospace and can really appreciate terrific work like yours, as well as a great story to boot. Now take a break and relax your wrist. If your wrist hurts you might try putting some Ben-Gay or ointment on it and having it massaged gently.
Hmm, maybe Mercy found a discarded "lad's mag" of Max's? Maybe Ruby might be onto the fact Max has a thing for redheads? Who knows? Speculate!
HEX the Dark
I always knew Max had some bodies hidden somewhere...
Karma Squirrel
Anybody else think that Mercy's gone overboard with the teal lipstick? Gotta love her, she's very... um... well, she's a neighbor, at least, and she's not the angry type to yell at you for coming home late and making noise in the middle of the night... but teal lipstick? Really?
Foxx Trotter
Matches her hair.
HEX the Dark
I like it, too. But that's because I like colourful lipsticks etc. in general. Or red hair for that matter. :D
Late as usual.. Heh, love that expression in the second panel..Sorry to say I've woken up that way a time or two.. And do take care of yourself, we worry. :)
very nice ive read it today and its taken me just shy of 12 hours, but im hooked im writing a fanfic of inuyasha and a book im writing. i think my character would fit in kinda if you would like to try it... cheers!