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Issue 15 - Page 21

Hey, no one said PMT/PMS was gonna be pretty.

I tried a slightly different inking method with this page. It seems to be a little faster. If it keeps working out, it may lead to some good things on the horizon.

A big thank you to everyone who voted in the poll last week! The results are in and out of 470 voters, 271 said they'd like to see how Roderick ended up in the fey realm first. So, that's what we'll do! But first, a few pages of downtime with Ruby. She gets cranky if she hasn't been in the comic for a while. Thanks again!

Comments [25]:

If it weren't for the commentary I'd wonder if at least she some of RUbys issues were brain freeze and too much ice cream
Lily K
As long as there's chocolate involved, everything will be okay... ;)
Chocolate is the Universal Cure for disease, poison and general melancholy.
Heh, had forgotten Ruby's main reason for not being there.... looks like the Universal Anodyne has worked for her....maybe a little too well due to a slight overdose? ;-)
Only two containers? There have to be more out of sight and chocolate bar wrappers. Also the bottle of extra extra strength pain killers which don't work but you try them anyway.
Ugh, I hate those painkillers! They promise so much, then shatter your hopes and dreams. Why must you lie to me, Midol? Why?
... has anyone considered how the chocolate is affecting her? I mean, dogs aren't allowed chocolate because, if I remember correctly, some element in it is lethal; theobromine, perhaps? Am I overthinking this? ;-]
Well, Darc has said they are not anthropomorphized animals like in "Kevin and Kell" or "The Suburban Jungle". More like people drawn as animals to get around any ugly complaints about people being killed off because of the "R" word.
HEX the Dark
More like animalized humans. So to say.
Definitely overthinking this :)
@llearch, I was thinking the same thing!
actually the chemicals in chocolate that poison dogs poisons humans. Like caffeine it would take far more than anyone could reasonable consume to kill them
I love the inking, but Ruby's lower stomach and tail are blending into the gray couch. Might want to change that later, sorry.
Iron Ed
I think that's because Ruby's head is in the light from a window and her lower body is mostly out of the light streaming in. :-)
That is due to lighting and was done intentionally.
Imre Bellic
Ahh, Ruby, always so lovely! Nice to see more of her, in her natural habitat. I think the new inking technique is great, and if it spares your wrist, Darcy, all the better. Now excuse me while I make myself a mocha to get my chocolate fix.
Thanks, Imre! It's a little faster, which helps. I'm going to have to stick to digital work only for a bit, though. The traditional stuff is a little beyond my wrist's abilities at the moment. But the good news is, that means more time to work on CN:H. :D
Ah, nothing like an ice cream binge to try to make you feel better. At least she's getting some sleep in....wonder how long that will last?
Scotty K
God, it's been a while since I've read CN:H. The coloring looks great Darc! It really brings new life to each page.
Thanks! The color seems to make things look a bit more like a cartoon at times, which is kind of neat. :D
That's our Ruby! Even makes PMS look cute... ;)
On the one hand - yay! I can finally comment! On the other hand - nooooo, I've run out of CN:H to read! ;_____; Just want to say I am totally hooked on your work, Darc! I remember when I first read it, I had some snippety reaction to it... then I got UTTERLY hooked into the story and flow of the pages. I could not stop reading! And your art is just so perfect - you really excel at facial expressions, even on animalian characters.
Thank you! Haha! I've dragged you in! Now I will never let go. Never! ;D
This is possibly my favorite strip. Poor girl.