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Issue 15 - Page 20

I've been working on laying out the next few issues and realize that I have two avenues that the story can go down. So, I thought it'd be fun to have a poll. With CN:H being mostly mapped out, I don't get to do these sort of things often.

The two options are...

1) Roderick and Moraine talking in the present time, as well as what the prince and the search team looking for Nyx are up to. (one issue)

2) We hear the story behind Roderick entering the fey realm. (two issues)

Both will occur in the comic, so this isn't a "one or the other" type of thing. It's just to decide which section of the story will come next. So if you have a moment, please cast your vote and let me know which you'd like to see next!

The poll will remain open until Sunday, April 14th. Thanks guys!

Comments [22]:

Is the poll suppose to come up again? Cause I voted, reread a page, then came back to this one and it looks like it will let me vote again.
The poll box will stay, but it's not supposed to let you vote again. I just checked and the setting are right, so it may just be a glitch with the poll provider. I guess we'll just have to go by the honor system until it sorts itself out.
I think cutting back to the present would be refreshing...:D Not that this has been boring, far from it, but I want to see progress on both sides of the quest as it were!
I agree. It'll be nice to see what everyone else is up to for a bit. Though I'm really looking forward to next week's page. *evil laugh*
I can see this more as an appropriate time to cut to other characters and I'm curious to how the search for Nyx is going (really enjoying the story so far keep up the great work)
Thanks. Me too. It's good to mix things up now and then. The story behind Roderick being in the fey realm wasn't going to happen this early, but everyone was so excited about him showing up again, I decided to move a few things around. :D
Imre Bellic
I am loving this story line! Please, lets hear how Rod ended up in the Fey realm next.
Thanks Imre! We'll have to see how it goes. Hopefully the poll will sort itself out here in a bit. Matt and I have been batting around the idea of a Clickthulu (the CMS Matt build that runs the site) based poll system, but we've never worked it out beyond a general idea.
Hmmmm.... six of one, half a dozen of the other... I am really keen to know Nyx' fate but likewise have always wanted to know why Roderick stepped away from Moraine.... coin toss? ;-)
I've been watching too much Batman: The Animated Series while I work lately. The mention of a coin toss automatically made me think of Two-Face. ;P
Hmmm, choices, choices. Good thing we get to have both. Now to choose which one to have first. Tough decision. So, time for the classic decision maker - eeny, meeny...
But the poor tiger's toe! Won't no one think of the tigers? ;D
Iron Ed
"Eat dessert first!" :-)
Always! Life's too short! You don't want to risk getting hit by a meteor before you've had a chance to enjoy your cake. That's just wrong! ;D
Carl Foxmarten
I really don't like it when a story jumps around too much. Girl Genius, despite its immensely gripping story, is a good example of this. As soon as something interesting happens in a thread, they jump to another one. What's even worse is when they start a new thread in addition to jumping to another one...
It's not that big of a jump here. The threads are all related, interconnected, and feed off of each other. Changing scenes now and then is helpful to cartoonists. It allows us to remind people that there are other related events happening as well as stop us from getting bored.
Hard choice, but I voted what I really want to see. Either way, however, we'll all win :)
Thanks! We'll find out tomorrow, though it seems pretty clear who the winner will be. :D
choo choo George
How wonderful to be able to vote on the next episode, CN:H just keeps getting better for us readers, thanks so much Darc and do love CN:H in color
Thank you. I'm glad it's a fun idea! I'll have to find other ways of sneaking voting in. As well as some other fun things. :D
Karma Squirrel
I will vote in your poll, but only on the condition that you don't kill yourself and your poor wrist trying to please your audience. :) Deal?
Thanks! Will do. I'm heading to the chiro for a wrist adjustment in just a bit. So that will help for a few weeks. :D