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Issue 15 - Page 19

Here we are! Sorry again for the lack of comic last week. Thank you for understanding and sticking with me!

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It's going to take more than a missed comic for us not to stick around.
Thank you! *blush*
Agreed Database. Glad you are feeling better Darc
Thanks! Me too. I missed getting so much work done. Being sick is boring. :P
Hex the Dark
Famous last words...
Those and, "hey, watch this!"
You getting better is priority 1. :)
Thank you. I feel a lot better now. Throat's still a little sore from that cold Matt and I caught last week, but much better. :D
You've stepped into a bigger world. Enjoy.
Don't forget to pack your helmet. And your towel.
Hera Ledro
I really want to hug Max now D: Seems so dejected. Do love Rodrick though, and the colours are working out really well, Darc!
I know, poor Max. But he's so cute when he's dejected. Thanks Hera!
glad to see your doing better. it's gonna take alot to loos this group
Thank you! Yes, much better. Which is good, I've work to catch up on. :D
Even those of us who rarely comment.
Thanks! :D
Seriously, no worries. You put so much work into this comic - it's amazing! I could spend weeks looking at each page. Not that I don't like updates. But no worries, mate. Hakuna matata.
Thank you! I know missing updates is disappointing. One of the comics I read regularly rarely updates anymore The poor creator has been so sick these last few months. :(
It's one thing for him to FEEL blue, but he actually LOOKS blue in color too! That must be some STRONG emotion! (And glad that you are starting to feel better. Remember, we'll be here, so take care of you)
That can only mean one thing... he's turning into a Smurf! Run, Max! Run while you still can! ;D And thanks.
choo choo George
It was worth the wait, CN:H just looks great in color and a really terrific story. Glad you're feeling better and back in action.
Thank you! Hopefully missed updates will be rarer and rarer for a while. I've no conventions this year and week long migraines don't happen that often for me anymore. Woohoo!
Iron Ed
Glad to hear you (and Matt!) are getting back to your normal, happy self(ves) again! Welcome home, Darc. ;-) I really like that climbing vine and the colors in the sky! And that broken statue at far right is quite intriguing.
Thanks Ed! It's nice to be back. :D I keep meaning to add some more rubble to the area to make it look more like ruins but it never gets drawn in. I'm going with the RCSI crew like to keep their campsites clean. :D
Karma Squirrel
Hooray for feeling better! Pack that nasty cold in a box and send it to someone evil. I'm sure that'll make someone happy. Not sure who, though.
Heh, thanks! The question is, will the post office let you ship biological weapons? ;D
I just wanted to let everyone know, I haven't forgotten about coloring the remaining back pages in Issue 15. I've hit the pages that need to be re-inked as well as colored and I've a project for a client that I'm working on this week. Once I have that finished, I'll be back to work on the Color Project. Thanks guys and sorry for the delay!
Glad that you are feeling better Darc. That is the number one thing that matters is yourself, then when you have time, do what you do best. As I'm sure I am not the only one to say this, but your work is doing great, and you will not lose this fan from your work. ^_^ Take care
Hey Sherwood. Thank you! Yes, I'm feeling much better. Now to just get catch-up and back on schedule. :D
Every one else has said it but I'll say it again. Glad your feeling better, and don't worry about us we aren't so fickle that we would just leave over a little delay.
Thank you! I really appreciate it! :D
I suppose I am a bit late, but glad you're feeling better! Also..I really like that expression in the 3rd panel..I keep coming back to it..
Thanks, Shadow! Me too. It managed to turn out just like I wanted it to. I've no idea how. :D