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Issue 15 - Page 17

As the note on the page says, I'm running behind due to a busy last few days. I'll have the inks and colors finished up by Tuesday. Sorry for the delay.

edit Mon evening: The finished page is now up. Thanks guys and sorry again for the delay!

Color? Yes, CN:H will be in color from now on. I'm currently in the process of going back and coloring pages. Thank you!

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Take your time Darc it wouldn't be real life if things went perfectly all the time. What I can see looks GREAT, looks like Moraine is getting a warning at least she has a chance to correct it. It speaks to her charecter that she cares enough to do so
Thanks Bear. It's been a busy weekend and I forgot how much extra time the coloring adds to the process. :D
No worries... and as usual, take care of yourself. A return to colour sounds great... off to the blog. As for Moraine and Jacob... again, the power we have over those we care about most.....
Thanks. Hopefully the color will work well for everyone. I'm still partial to black and white myself, but I know I'm in the minority. Read too many indy comics I guess. :D
Thankfully Moraine caught on quickly to what she did.
True. It'd be hard to run around causing chaos in the fey realm otherwise. ;D
Morraine is my favourite character. Spooky a close second, for his resemblence to the X-Files' Agent Mulder.
I like her too. She's really grown on me over the last few issues.
Probably because she's a lot more assertive and authoritative than the Queen in real life. Frankly, Morraine has -more- character than Elizabeth II.
That's a little unfair. Very few of the public actually get to know the Queen, there's the typical bias put on things due to media preference...and, well, she can't use magic? Given her age and whatnot, I think Her Majesty is pretty damn impressive, myself.
Elizabeth the Second is a very impressive Lady. Considering what she has done for her People during her reign and what she has seen. Consider that the British Empire was reduced with the independence of the African colonies and the liberation of India and Pakistan. Then consider that those countries remain in the Commonwealth, of which she is the head. Then consider that she is still Queen of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Falklands, the British West Indies and British Overseas Territories.
Choo Choo George
IN COLOR!!! WOW!! Just when I thought CN:H couldn't get better, it does. I know coloring will take a lot of extra time and effort on your part, so take your time and I know we'll all be looking forward to it.
Thank you! :D Yeah, it takes a little longer which I need to keep in mind. But hopefully everyone will enjoy it. :D
My God! I love this comic! Spent the weekend from the beginning and it is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for such an incredible story!
Thank you! I'm glad you've been enjoying the journey so far! :D
Iron Ed
Wow. Really like the lighting in panels 2, 3, and 5; but especially 5. Details in that starburst are very nice, but all the sky coloring is great, along with panel 5. Panel 2 is funny! :-) I really like the lighting on Morraine coming from the open door. On the other hand, we're looking -down- and still see sky and stars over the wall. :-) :-) :-) Maybe that's a "ship of state" and it's really rolling with the vicissitudes of life just now. ;-)
Thanks Ed! As for Panel 2, it's not an extreme enough down-shot to remove the dark from the sky behind her. So, I didn't think it should remove the stars either.
the QM bbII
color or BW I love Hunter it's a well done story not many out there this well done so take your time when you need to it's worth the wait and thank you
Thank you! *blush*
madame lynx
Worth the wait!!
Thanks! The color really seems to help the magic stand out a bit more. Though I need to find or make a new stars brush. I only have the one and would like a little more variety.
Madame lynx
Would any of these fit the bill?
Those are great! Thank you! :D
Argent Rizer XIII
Wooo! Color! And seriously, this gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "jumping off a bridge if he/she told you to."
"If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you too?" "Depends. How tall is the bridge and am I the last one to jump off? Cause if I am, my friends would cushion my fall..."
And where the bridge is. Jump off any bridge into the river in London and the RNLI Tower lifeboat just fishes you out of the river.
Hi Darc! I've been reading the archives of where this flashback left off, so long ago. (I can really appreciate how excited you are to finally continue it!) I was wondering, does Moraine still retain a personal guardian, as under the original terms of the creation of RCSI?
Thanks Zach! She does, actually. Ash, the long haired brunette who was with her during the Treaty Night, is her current personal guardian. We'll see more of Ash in upcoming issues. :D
That does give more context to Ash's reply to Hunter when he offhandedly wondered just how powerful Moraine is after she summoned the fey gate. I suspect Ash has a lot better grasp on that than Hunter does.
Karma Squirrel
I keep catching myself reading the dialogue out loud and making sound effects for the magic. Is it just me or is Moraine's voice a lot- how should I put it?- /smoother/ than I thought it would be?
I'm still not quite sure how young Moraine would sound, but older Moraine sounds like Dame Judi Dench in my head. :D A part of me would love to be able to do short animations with sound, but I don't have that skill. :(
Darc, Colour's fine, but please don't push yourself beyond reasonable limits. Push, yes, we all need to push. But not to the point of damaging either yourself, or your wonderful story. I've read it in black & white, that's quite sufficient for me. Regards, Eli.
Thanks Eli. I'll be careful, I promise. The main thing at the moment is figuring out how long everything is going to take and when to best do what. Once pages 1-5 of Issue 15 are redone, everything else will go smoothly. :D