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Issue 15 - Page 16

Someone's going to need therapy after this. Or at least a stiff drink.

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There've been all sorts of hints about how close Queen Moraine and Spooky are, but this page really brings it home. Sticks and stones may break his bones, but Mori's words can frickin' kill him!
He better hope he never forgets her birthday. O.O;
Actually, you mean birthdays. Since she's the reigning monarch, she has both her official birthday and actual birthday. The official birthday's a bit hard to miss, as they have the Trooping of the Colour to mark it annually.
Darls Chickens
Spooky actually had an out back then, the silly pup. The Queen didn't issue a command, she asked a question. Simply answering it would have fulfilled her requirements, "With all respect your Majesty, a jump off the roof would do me grievous bodily harm without advancing your objectives, and for this reason I refrain."
And here we find that Darc should listen to her own writing voice instead of Matt's. I initially had her say, "then just jump off the roof!" Matt said that sounded off and to change it to this.
If you already had so many books already made why dont you just upload them directly to the site rather than one at a time. Not that im pressing this it is your story and your site im just wondering.
Disregard this I just checked the archive for the first time in... a long time and see that the site is no longer behind the books.
CN:H no longer goes to print. As to why we did it that way, delaying the pages online seemed a nicer alternative than creating side stories for print that would never make it to the web.
Ron Bauerle
For those not up on their Gaelic:
Thanks for the link.
And now we see how hasty words, that can hurt deeply even at the best of times, can truly be destructive in the worst..... What was the old adage.... we have the greatest power to do the worst damage to those we care for the most with simply words.
True. So very true.
Random Guy
Well that explains the limp.
I keep telling them to keep their feet away from their mouths, but do they listen to me? No. ;P
This probably had a profound effect on the queen. While Moraine can still be intimidating, she also seems rather withdrawn from using it despite having obviously improved in her abilities to control it.
Yes. She's a sweet woman, really. She just has this really scary ability at times.
Not surprised at all. A sworn oath is the most powerful magic of all.
That it is. It's especially bad when the people taking the oath don't know what they're getting into.
That goes both in Hunter's world and the real world. An oath remains binding until renounced and one who takes an oath often would prefer death to renouncing.
I have a random confession that has absolutely no relationship to the panel in question... Every time I read CN:H, despite following your comic for many years, I still read it as hydrogen isocyanide from too much laboratory work...
Science strikes again! ;D
Imre Bellic
But Hydrogen Isocyanide has such a wonderful flavor! I like to sprinkle it on my chili for an extra zing!
Iron Ed
This is tooo funny! :-)
Well I've just gone back and read the archives from page one. Wow! What a story when it's all fresh in your mind. And, Darc your artwork is striking! The lines, the shading...well done!
Thank you! *blush* I'm glad it reads well in one go. I know things get a little choppy at only a page a week. Thank you! *squeeee*
madame lynx
Congrats on hitting your goal! Can't wait to see these bad boys in color!
Thanks. It's going to take a bit to get them all up. I can only work on so many at a time. But hopefully it'll be fun for everyone.
Karma Squirrel
Ah, yes. Joke fail. Gotta love those moments of awkward silence that follow a joke that didn't turn out quite the way you wanted it to. *pats Max's head* He needs a break from awkwardness and things trying to kill him. Poor guy.
I still say he needs to get out there and start causing some chaos. Chaos creation is a great stress relief. :D
Max, just remember not to make any yellow dog jokes.
Darls Chickens
In America he'd be a Democrat.
Max: "Well, there goes the rest of my material."