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Ah, Max... so young. So naive. So about to have his world rocked off its hinges.

And yes, that's Nyx's band Roderick has in his hands. He took it out of Max's bag back on page 12. Try to keep an eye on what the characters are doing as well as what they're saying. Remember, the pictures in a comic aren't just there to be pretty. They're there to help tell the story. *smile*

2013-02-25 02:11:28 
"Ladies archery practise (Mind the arrows)" Priceless!
2013-02-25 13:20:35 
Yeah, I get bored after working on a page for twelve hours or so. You make your entertainment where you can. ;P
Iron Ed
2013-02-28 19:56:53 
I absolutely love finding little things like this in backgrounds! That sign is so fun! So is the one archery student who, judging by her ears, is getting chewed out just now. Wonder where her arrows went... :-)
2013-02-28 23:13:54 
One ended up in one of the poles holding up the clothesline in the background. :D
Iron Ed
2013-03-02 01:00:59 
Dang-it! How'd I miss that?? That is too funny. Even the background has its own story to tell! :-)
Madame Lynx
2013-02-25 02:56:11 
It sounds like you are feeling defensive with the bit about the collar. Sure, some people just skim through the visuals, but take what you can learn for their reaction and be mindful of how you compose and stage the panels. For me anyway, the reappearance of the collar wasn't as obvious as it could have been. Perhaps using your grayscale values to make the collar more of a focal point could help, or pausing the dialogue to give the collar reveal its own small panel might have helped.
2013-02-25 13:47:56 
Hah! Now I can reply properly. No, not defensive, just trying to remind people to pay attention to the visuals. Issue 16 may be a little confusing if both aren't noticed. I'll try to keep this in mind, though. Thank you!
2013-02-25 08:15:49 
Oh are in for a reality haha. Still phased by the appearance of Spooky, feels like something majorly epic is going to unfold.
2013-02-25 13:22:30 
*does the 'I can't wait until Issue 16 starts' dance*
Madame Lynx
2013-02-25 12:00:02 
Sad to see my comment and feedback was deleted, as I am sure this one will be. I was offering a solution to something that was confusing readers, not insulting or berating your work, which I have been enjoying for years. This sadly puts a damper on my enjoyment.
2013-02-25 12:46:07 
Huh? Sorry, but I didn't do anything. I only remove a comment if it's spam or outright derogatory. There are two people with access to the back end. I'll ask Matt when he comes home if he did something.
madame lynx
2013-02-25 13:36:44 
Oh, I am so relieved! It seemed out of character for you to delete something like that
2013-02-25 13:43:54 
I just heard back from Matt. He says he emailed you? Apparently he hid it, which I thought made the comment turn red. Sorry about that. And sorry for sounding short up above. My wrist is locked today from pushing to finish this page last night, so I'm being a little short with everyone today it seems. Sorry.
Imre Bellic
2013-02-26 03:35:09 
I am betting that Max is going to end up helping Roderick heal somehow. Its funny how much Roderick reminds me of a real life Roderick I know..... nahh! Darcy, take it easy! We understand you worl hard, and your wrist is a problem. Take it easy - we'd rather you be late than hurt yourself more.
2013-02-26 11:07:04 
You have to watch out for those Rodericks. It's always the quiet ones. ;D Just kidding. Thanks. I'm trying to stop leaving the pages 'til the weekend. If I start them Thursdays, I'll have Friday for the inking as well as the weekend just in case. That will help.
2013-02-26 07:05:28 
Don't worry Darc, we do notice the backgrounds.... we may not always pick significance of a particular aspect though until something happens later....
2013-02-26 07:06:20 
Way back, I remember there was an panel where we saw Smiley and Todd in the distance (I think) and Todd had a little wagon trailing behind him and I always wondered what it was.... I don't think it meant anything but I still noticed it and wondered...
2013-02-26 11:03:52 
Todd and Smiley usually get stuck lugging confiscated items to the Vault on the lowest floor of RCSI. Most of it is pretty safe, but every now and then something gets loose. :D
2013-02-26 10:19:31 
My brain is corrupt and broken. I see a forever alone fish. . . :-\
2013-02-26 11:01:37 
Poor fishie. Fishies need love too! ;D
Iron Ed
2013-02-28 19:59:05 
I'll love him! (...breaded and fried. ;-))
2013-02-27 01:51:52 
Don't say it enough thank you to both Matt and you for all the hard work with the comic.
2013-02-28 23:15:12 
Thanks Bear! *HUGS*
Iron Ed
2013-03-03 18:02:10 
Bear-hugs? ;-) My li'l bro' was known as "Hairbug" for a long time because he mispronounced "bearhug." :-) :-) :-)
Karma Squirrel
2013-02-27 06:40:23 
Oh, Max. You could have picked better wording. Or just decided not to make that comment. It would have saved your brain some trouble. By the way- I really appreciate Spooky's cloak. I wear them. They choke me.
2013-02-28 23:16:36 
Max choose his words carefully? Never! ;D
2013-02-27 20:26:58 
Ah Darc, one of the reasons why I so love this comic is not only do you have this comic story laid out, but you have pretty much the whole series laid out. Because of that you can add something today for use 3 issues from now. I know of so many comic book people that take it one issue at a time and struggle for continuity.
2013-02-28 23:17:32 
Thanks Brighttail! I try, though sometimes it comes out a little clumsily. :D
2013-02-28 21:12:37 
I know it's probably a stylistic thing, and may even have something to do with the Fae realm itself. But only a minority of the group would have arrived before the 1940s, if there even is anyone from pre-sealbreak in the temporary settlement. Why do the tents and the clothes look medieval?
2013-02-28 23:20:06 
There are a couple of reasons. One is the modern clothing and materials would wear out over time and new supplies rarely come through the gates. Medieval is what's readily available in the Fey realm - the few modern things that have come through are pricey in the Goblin Market.
2013-02-28 23:22:45 
The second is it stops the agents and the camp from standing out too much. Blending in is an asset when you're outnumbered and in enemy territory. Max will stand out once he leaves the camp due to his modern clothing, something that may or may not work to Roderick's advantage. :D
2013-03-01 06:44:50 
Ok, thanks for the explanation.
2013-03-03 15:24:28 
Sure dude, no problem. :D
2013-03-01 19:54:30 
Hi Darc, *Rises from the Lurk* Not all of us comment. Some of us just read and appreciate. *Returns to the depths of the Lurk* Eli.
2013-03-03 15:25:57 
No the Lurk! Noooooo! ;D Thanks Eli!
2013-03-02 13:44:05 
It looks as if Max is going to require surgery to have his foot removed from his mouth.
2013-03-03 15:26:55 
Nah, that's easy. One swift kick in the butt and it just flies back out. :D
Iron Ed
2013-03-03 18:03:30 
Helps keep Ruby in shape! :-)
2013-03-03 20:21:50 
It's the new exercise sensation that's sweeping the nation! ;D
2013-03-03 18:59:47 
Another thing I noticed that's presumably just stylistic is how the women have hair, but the men only have extensions of their fur [if that.] It's not -wrong- as such, but I guess there's some reason why I give both males and female anthros hair in my own webcomic.
2013-03-03 20:23:48 
You have your way of drawing characters, I have mine. That's all.
2013-03-03 21:15:41 
Yep. And your drawing quality is a lot better than mine.