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Issue 15 - Page 12

Uh oh, looks like Mab and Matilda have escaped from 'DMFA'! Wait, does Amber know you're here? I'm not going to be held responsible for you two shirking off-- Are those my shortbread cookies? "Were" my cookies? You ate them all? Damn it! AMBAAAAAAARGH!

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So now we get an idea why the fey want to talk to the agents on this side of the gate. They go to all the trouble of kidnapping them and then they escape to steal their stuff.
Damn uppity mortals. *shakes head*
Ah poor Darc...can never catch a break. That's the way the cookie crumbles.
The worst assumption one can make is that the minds of the Fae work anything like human minds. For many courts, counting coup on the enemy is worth more than life itself. For others, honour is more valuable than life. For others, exposing others to the "Truth" (as the fae perceives it) is a goal worthy of giving your life to. Add to that the subtle dance of Court Intrigue, and you can have a very complex mental state that a human could never comprehend
In the last panel, "genrty" is a typo. I'm sure you meant "gentry." XD Heehee, Mab and Matilda!
Fixed. Thank you. :)
Those are all human motivations McBob. Just sayin' Anyhoo, enslaving fae is generally a hassle, since they're inevitably based on human fear of the dark woods they respond to captivity like captured wild animals in medieval times, i.e. wasting away quickly from ennui and an inability to cope with not being free and wild. Also mistreatment, but the fact that animals were beaten on a regular basis is one of those things we like to gloss over.
Roderick and company have had a long time to learn the rules. Its honorable of them detached and unable to tell their families or return him to still follow Moriane's orders
Like my dear aunt would say, look up a dictionary: it's "Ask" before "Assume"! Gah, Max is getting to be an annoying little git. Towards Fey and Astorians sure, but his own team and seniors? Really? Good thing he's surrounded by the understanding sort on the most part so far...
An annoying git? Just for being upset about something he's been taught is wrong (even if it is a wrong conclusion)? Sometimes it is the place of someone lower on the chain to remind their superiors to step back and take a look at what they are doing. People who get too focused or end up doing something for too long lose sight of why they originally got involved and start doing anything to "win" or one-up the other side.
It wasn't his reaction I found annoying - it's the fact that his first assumption about his fellow Agent is the worst possible one. It's there in the first part of my earlier comment: his preference to jump to his own conclusion about someone else instead of clarifying what is going on. Sure, Jacob and his pack may have been in the Fey realm too long time now, but a simple "What do you mean by that?" shouldn't be that hard.
Considering the night Max has been having and the trend of the conversation, I'd say it's not surprising that his first assumption was the worst one. I've been in situations where someone has come out with similar statements instead of asking for clarification. It seems to be part of personalities that are usually on their own when it comes time to make decisions and only have to report to seniors afterward.
I've been reading this comic for some time now, but tend not to be good at articulating replies to the individual pages. However, I read DMFA too and was NOT expecting to see those two actually appear elsewhere in comics I read! I was very amused, and well done. Thank you for being willing to post that!
Thank Amber for IM-ing Matt a few days ago and asking if we'd want to do something silly. *laughs* The scary thing is, we both mentioned cookies in our rambles without knowing the other was planning on doing so. We're on the same wavelength! It's a sign of the Apocalypse! Run!
HEX the Dark
Wait. She actually had to ask?
I know! Doesn't she know we're down with silly by now? That woman... she's so crazy. ;D
Nicely done i like
Thank you. This section is a hard part to work on and unfortunately would be better read in one chunk instead of a page a week.
This one left me feeling like I'd missed something. Did Max just assume "retaliate" meant enslave one of the fey, or did I miss a panel somewhere?
Max jumped to a bad conclusion based on his recent events and his own fears. It'll be explained in the next few pages.
humm..well now Hunter.. maybe you should ask how things work better now that you have the don't have too much time for after the rescue after all. Ohhh and Mab.. your back.. hey you were on page 12 weren't you? Or was that another mab?
Question: I know iron hurts the fae. How do you kill them though and what happens if you do?
It depends on the fey. They can be killed by stabbing with iron in a vital spot - like the chest or head. A blast of magic stronger than the magic they themselves control will also take them out. Most turn to dust leaving no body behind. The most powerful fey, like the Queens, are harder to kill.
They're actually Aspects, living embodiments of power. If their physical body dies, what makes them who they are just moves to the next suitable fey in line. So, while you can kill the body of the Summer Queen, her essence will just jump to another fey and she'll awake more angry than ever. They remember the pain of dying and don't really like it.
I love how Jacob calls her "Mori" It shows a familiarity there that is special.
I love those two, Jacob and Moraine. I don't get to do much with them often, which is a shame.
A little spot by DMFA? OMG, I love you two.
Godel Fishbreath
Cool Visitors! "Thank you. This section is a hard part to work on and unfortunately would be better read in one chunk instead of a page a week." -- I am grateful for what I get when I get it.
Bruce Bergman
Interesting - In the page-load under Firefox Matilda and Mab come up for just a fraction of a second, then they pop out of frame and Max and Roderick are there. Almost like a Subliminal Message... And I'm like "Waitaminnit, that's like 25 Bookmarks up in the Sidebar - How did that happen...?" Okay, now I know - And you need to restock your Cookie Jar. Or Tin.
It's the fey. They mess with your mind. And your sites. *shakes empty tin* And your cookies...
I have been reading this comic nonstop for the past few days now and finally reached the newest entry! Great job Darc! Love your comic story where it is going.
Thank you! *blush* I'm glad you're enjoying the comic so far. Thank you for giving it a look! :D
Hello, new reader - just binged the archive. I really like how you've set up the magic schema in your realm. And now just how Nietzschien, callous and evil the medieval gentry and all who believe in might are. This is definitely going in my feed.
Also, to retaliate usually means to respond in kind. Since Hunter didn't know that the fey are even more materialistic than people, and given the reciprocity of retaliation, it's a natural conclusion to jump to. Fellow agents or no, making snap judgements is something a field agent is supposed to do in hostile territory.
Thank you! *squee* I'm glad it's been an interesting read so far. Yeah, poor Max means well, he just has a tendency to say what's right on his mind. Though in this instance, with all he's been going through lately, I can't really blame him.