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Issue 15 - Page 11

Somehow I don't think he's talking about leaving a cherry bomb in their mailbox...

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Imre Bellic
How about a nail bomb? Packed with nice, iron nails.
Nah, offer them free new flooring, steel plate.
Moraine wasn't kidding when she told Hunter that the courts had no respect for her. What a bunch of jerks!
What name was he about to say...?
Mori. It's a shortened, informal version of Moraine.
Bruce Bergman
Yes! But it has to be Cold Rolled Steel floor plate. That or Rowan Wood parquet.
Imre Bellic
Or better yet, a rowan wood spear tipped with cold iron!
Do you suppose that Hunter will tell about how he humiliated the Fey, and how close he came to badly humiliating them.
Oh, I doubt it, he's just spent a bleak night's vigil with nothing to think of save how he'd upset and disappointed the Queen with that incident...
C. Mage
Probably not. He'd probably get as a response, "'Close' only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and dragonfire."
C. Mage
The more I hear about the fey, the more the idea of air-dropping cold-iron filings over the whole area sounds like a BRILLIANT idea.
choo choo george
C. Mage Saturated bombing, that's what it's called, you could even have exploding shells packed with iron filings hitting 'em right where it hurts the most, until they beg for mercy (If they even can)Do love CN:H terrific story.
Iron Ed
...saturatION bombing. ;-)
I don't think Moraine is one to favor genocide. Not to mention as Darc pointed out earlier in the comics there is a belief that Summer and Winter aren't just their names they affect the seasons
Imre Bellic
CN:H is set in a high medieval society, so as attractive as an air attack is, you'd have to use gliders. Mind you, its plausible (as the Mythbusters are fond of saying) I sure as hell would not volunteer for the job! Trebuchet launched gun powder nail bombs are a better idea.
Um, wasn't the seal damaged in the WW2 blitz? Now, planes might not work in the Faelands, but they sure exist in the normal world.
They mentioned WW2 type bombing in the earliest stories, so they likely have airplanes, etc. But we have no idea if they would work in Fey territory.
HEX the Dark
They wouldn't. Any advanced technology doesn't work near magic (or at least, fairy magic).
Iron Ed
CN:H is set in mixed eras. RCSI is in modern, or near modern, Great Britain. The Fey, and Astorians(?) have high medieval societies.
Godel Fishbreath
In another writer's universe, blessed water with iron filings was a good close personal weapon. Could be used here if a squirt bottle that can shoot iron filing laced water can be invented.
We still have no idea if the universe allows advanced tech. We know that magic can stop it, and the more advanced, the easier it is to stop. I wonder if rust is dangerous. A super soaker?