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Issue 15 - Page 08

The questions Roderick's asking are a few of the symptoms of dehydration. As for his actions, he's checking Max's eye for discoloration from lack of fluid intake, pinching his arm to test for elasticity (dehydration can cause your skin to not "bounce back" quickly when pinched), checking for a rapid heartbeat, and generally annoying Max.

Roderick's actions may seem odd, but the last thing he needs is an unknown agent passing out while they're on a rescue mission. In other words, he has his reasons. As to why no food or drink for Max, consuming food and drink from the fey realm will trap you in fey, remember? So if Max wants to go back home, he's going to need to keep things out of his mouth for the time being.

As for myself, please excuse any wonkiness in the middle panels. I conked my head good Saturday night and was still a little dizzy while finishing up the inking Sunday. Thanks guys.

Comments [15]:

I see no wonkiness, either in the panels or in Max. I will assume Max understands the danger in eating/drinking while in Fae. He was told the stories.
Thanks, that's good to hear. Yep, Max knows. But Roderick doesn't know that Max knows. Only the Shadow knows. :D
Now that was priceless. I've got to watch that movie again some time.
Didn't see any wonkiness in the panels either. I hope your head is better now.
You know, I had no idea that sugar craving was part of dehydration. That explains why I eat so much candy at my sister's house... (she lives in a different town, and their water tastes funny :P )
For us humans, lightly pressing on an unpainted fingernail so it turns white under the nail, then quickly release. Want to see the 'pink' return as quickly as it disappeared. When dehydrated the 'pink' is slow to return. After a shower is a good time to see how your own fingernails should respond.
This is also a simple way to check for circulation problems, especially when treating for deep wounds.
Ron Bauerle
I assume even water's off limits; what if you bring your own canteen through the portal?
If memory serves, it's based on accepting hospitality from the fae. So if you bring your own food and/or water, you should be okay - just the same as if someone spikes the punch at a party, but you're drinking from a soda you brought, you'll be fine.
That skin trick is pretty freaky. Try it on friends!
Iron Ed
Yeah; try it real hard on friends... ;-)
D Sofer
If you're insured try to make sure you're not concussed or harboring a brain injury! Don't know how hard you hit your head (the speed, the angle, etc), but too many folks have felt fine and then dropped dead after a head injury for me to be unconcerned.
He really should have had a good meal and a lot to drink before going through the gate
I thought i had detected some wonkyness but it was due to me having a low caffeine level. ;) I hope you are feeling better after that bump *offers some ice*
Wow. That friendly and accepting hound has really turned into the striking bad-arse. Still good to see he still cares just as much about those under him. :)