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Issue 15 - Page 06

Hey, we're back, finally. And Specter is as much of a jerk as ever, it seems. Poor Max.

Thanks again for sticking with us through the move. Here's to a smoother future!

Comments [12]:

"Cutie," huh? The more detailed backgrounds look great, Darc, and congrats on completing the move. (And I hope unpacking goes smoothly, too.)
Random Guy
The commanders are always angry. It's like they all have fleas.
HUZZAH! Go, Hunter, Go! And it's gorgeous, and lovely, and well-worth the wait. Keep doing as you do best - and keep looking after yourself!
Congrats on moving and brining us another splendid comic
Nawww, he's not a jerk, he's just worried about the people that he has to take care of! There's a...SLIGHT difference...
Ted Schiller
Yep. He can never return home. His troops are surrounded by the most dangerous enemy possible. He has to make sure Hunter gets back in time. Has a few things on his mind, he does.
Well worth the wait. The backgrounds are lovely
Iron Ed
Jinx is so cute in panel one! All the backgrounds look great but I especially like panel five.
Wonderful page. One page a week is far better than no pages and the other art you've shared with us has been a wonderful gift. THANK YOU
Very nice!
Larry G
Welcome back! (gives a warm Fuzzy Hug) Missed Ya!
Thanks guys! I'm glad the page came out well. They take quite a bit longer, but I find them more enjoyable to do. I'll go back and redo the first five pages of this issue slowly over the next month or so. That way everything in the issue matches. :D