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Ron Bauerle
Will be interesting to see if there's an explanation of why there are _ruins_ of a _Christian_ church in the fae realm - I had thought it was its own dimension unrelated to our world...
No church, where you see a cross, I see a weathervane. Besides, why not? The Fae can't create, only copy...
I wouldn't be surprised if things move from one world to the other from time to time, gates may just be the easy and predictable way.
Also, if it is something that came over, or was even built by those outside the Fae realm, and it retains any of it's hallowed grounds, it'd likely be very uncomfortable for the Fae to be around, rarely visited, a good place to lay low..
***Spoiler*** IRL their is no Fae Realm, so the webcomic can do what it wants.
@Jamming: That's what the folks in the webcomic thought before that window got broken...can you say with complete certainty that our world lacks a similar relic?
HEX the Dark
I always thought the fay realm as a kind of mirror of the normal world... so seeing some familiar - but slightly different - things wouldn't be very surprising in my opinion.
HEX the Dark
Also, who said they didn't just put that cross up there themselves. It does look like the seal, too.
M. Peach
It could have been built by non-fays too. Some do get stuck in that world and survive, and could possibly have built it. Also in some tales crosses, Bibles and other Christian things have an adverse affect on fays, though I'm not sure if that has any bearing here.
Wm. Van Ness
The so-called "Celtic Cross" symbol is thought to actually pre-date Christianity.
The cross and circle of the Celtic cross is reminiscent of the agents' swords and collars. Might not the agents have put it up themselves to mark their territory>
?, not >. Sorry for the typo! ^^;
Random Guy
There are other cultures than those of christian decent that crucified their enemies and criminals. Also the ruins do look like a ruined abbey.
A) The cross is distinctly Celtic B) The building is in ruins indicating it was built at least centuries earlier, if not millennia C) The Fae Have been kidnapping people from our realm and bringing them to theirs for at least that long
Dizzy the Moth
Why are we making such a big fuss about a cross that's not even a cross? It looks like a weathervane to me.
Ummm ... yes, it is a cross, we can't help it that you're to dizzy to see straight.
Sorry, too, not to.
I don't see how that design can work as a weather vane. If that turns at all, you need one end to catch more wind than the other to pull it around and indicate the direction.
Camelot! Camelot! Camelot! (It's only a drawing.) SSSHH!
Robert J Cleveland
What is that cape or cloak to the left of the big tree in the foreground?