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And so now Queen's "Who wants to live forever" plays in my mind.
the sad thing about that queen song and the part some people don't seem to quote is " who wants to life forever when love must die?" it's about loneliness in it's way. and immortal is forever alone in that they well always see other they care about die before them of old age if nothing else.
Oh it's all about the lonliness...great tune and goes very well with the movie it was made for. The first part of the "Highlander" is an awesome movie - then it got strange...heh.
I don't remember the artist but I got "Forever Young" stuck in my head :)
It's originally done by Bob Dylan but known by Bryan Adams. The Bob Dylan version is better.
Rod Stewart did a version of it as well.
Critter Rhode
Alphaville also made a song called "Forever Young". Each one is different then the other.
Alphaville, that's the one. Tanks :)
And the Pretenders version is best.
Jay-Z also has a version. Not sure who's it is that i heard, but it's really haunting and makes you consider the difference between eternal life, and remaining young in spirit.
yea of all depictions of immortals i think the Faye in El goonish shive have the best method they wipe there memory of MOST of there knowledge every 200 years to keep from going mad
Interesting, so we see that people ending up here because treaty night isn't such an uncommon thing. Hmmmmmm...wonder if you get other benefits from this place besides eternal youth?
There's also all the killer, malicious fey that you can shake a stick at as well.
Very nice looking forward to seeing the story continue. There are always downsides these things after you have to have a cloud to find the silver lining
Scotty K
I'm loving the story so far. The new stile looks great! And yes, Queen did come yo mind. :)
Hrmmm they have iron. If only they had larger chunks..and some metal files...and tubes...sorry. I'm thinking guerilla warfare in the land of the fey...And I play dirty. >:D
Random Guy
Some standard iron bird shot could probably do some damage in that world.
Iron Ed
"Standard" bird shot is not made of iron; but that doesn't mean it couldn't be... ;-) :-) :-) ...course, I'm speaking from the U.S. :-)
Lead is easy to mold which makes it pretty universal for bullets or has. Recently the military under pressure due to lead contaminating the ground has been looking at other materials
I think they've started making steel bird shot now to keep the lead down. Wikipedia says lead bird shot is banned in the US and Canada for duck and goose hunting.
Iron Ed
True; but "standard" bird shot is still mostly lead. However, it is getting to be more and more of an alloy, and steel shot is becoming more commonly available all the time. For hunting Fey it would not be difficult to make iron shot with modern equipment and ship it to the trapped agents. (It would be difficult to make on primitive equipment due to the high melting temperatures required for iron. Lead can actually be heated and cast over a campfire!)
Lead shot is no longer used for hunting largely due to enviromental concerns. Standard bullets and slugs still use lead.
I really love how these pages are coming out! And definitely how the story is progressing here.
Being immortal isn't all that bad. You get to troll the fey as revenge for them being assholes! It's awesome!
Iron Ed
Nice perspective in that first panel, Darc! And you have me both liking and feeling sorry for poor Jinx.
Iron Ed
Dangit. Need an 'edit' button. :-) Anyway; just wanted to say I think this is also a nice break place while we wait for your move to complete. Thanks and Good Luck with everything!
I agree, Queen fits this scene perfectly. Immortality is a curse, and they must spend it trapped in the Fae Realm, at war and always 'on duty'. Permanent guerilla warfare in a land where nothing Changes. I'd rather cross the portal and go to my rest.
Magical immortality is all right as long as you include eternal youth in the equation. There was a story about a wizard who came up with a spell for Immortality but forgot about the aging part. At 300 years he Was wishing he could die, because his body was falling apart.
There's also the Greek myth of the Sybil, who was granted eternal life, but not eternal youth. She aged and shriveled up until she could be carried around in a jar. And for further Immortality Horror, there's a story in Ursula K. LeGuin's Changing Planes that will haunt you forever. (rot13 ahead)Jr svaq bhg gung crbcyr ner npghnyyl ohelvat gur vzzbegnyf haqre gur ibypnab fb gurl'er pbzcerffrq vagb qvnzbaqf, cbffvoyl juvyr gurl'er fgvyy njner.
Almost identical to the bit in Guliver's travels. Those unfortunates are declared legally dead at 70.
I think that Bismuth is now being used for bird shot. It doesn't wear out the barrel, is non-toxic, and is exactly as dense as lead. Tungsten works even better. But we want steel here for other reasons. He does have a sack of horseshoe nails.