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The Wanderer
Time's a-wasting, I believe.
Now we get the chance to learn a bit more about "Spooky".
But does it count if they know exactly where in Fey they are? ;)
Hey guys. This is the first page done using brush and nibs to ink. The previous pages were inked digitally. I'm trying something new to increase my production and still offer you inked pages - rather than the clean sketch pages I planned on earlier. Enjoy and thanks for reading.
Hex the Dark
Looks great! Reminds me of your early works ^^
Thanks Hex! :D
This IS awesome :D Yay! Very stylin' ^^
Very clean inking - looks good. But I am one of those who really liked the clean sketches; there was a lot of detail there that is lost with inking. Either way is great. Next GN?
Ted Schiller
Are there fey who work with the RCSI? I am imagining a Miss Mab cameo. :)
I think Miss Mab already made an appearance along with Pip way back in the prolog on page 12.
Indeed; I think she cameoed as Queen Mab, who was a fairy first referred to in literature (says Wikipedia) by William Shakespeare in some strange play.
Scotty K
I like the new stile. Very well done. I'm zoology exited! I've been waiting for this issue ever since I found CN:H. I cant wait!!! XD
James C
Wanted to publicly thank you for the Iron Artist Commission. You did an outstanding job, and truly captured the essence of my familly. I'm putting a set up on the wall here in Afghanistan, and having another set of prints framed to send back to my wife and son. Again thank you very much! P.S. Kayden is going to LOVE his!
Are these agents stuck in the fey realm then? Or do they have something that allows them to stay long term and then later return home? It sounded like staying too long would somehow prevent any return.