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Issue 14 - Page 21

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First! Fantastic, I can't wait to see what this is all about. How in the heck are there what seem like permanent RCSI agents in the fae realm? And what is up with them, anyway?
Hunter's not being smart; riding around in the Fae Realm in RCSI Uniform. That's just asking for trouble. Likely, these guys are just doing what's necessary to get him incognito quickly.
It's not like he really had time to change with an agent missing and needs to be found quickly.
Dunno, the sword slice in the previous page looked a little bit more then just trying to get him incognito.
No kidding... Is it possible they aren't actually RCSI agents? Or that something else is wrong?
Hera Ledro
Actually, RCSI uniforms are virtually necessary for Hunter in this case. He needs to be found by the -right- people. Of course, as far as they're concerned, Hunter could just be a Fey in disguise; one never knows.
Blind Hollow
Awesome!! ^_^ I wonder if they'll test him with a piece of Iron?