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Issue 14 - Page 17

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The Wanderer
And . . . two clocks start a countdown. The first, for Agent Nyx; the second, for Hunter and his mount.
Cue the dramatic music!
HEX the Dark
HIS FACE!!! IT'S GONE !!!! D: D: *flail* no wait, it's behind the horses head.
Hunter forgot one of the rules of riding into the fey realm... always make sure your mount's been fed first. Otherwise, it will devour your face. *nods*
Thats how I got my nickname "No Nose"
Darls Chickens
Well, there's a question. What happens if your steed eats fey realm grass?
They become mounts for the Wild Hunt. "Dag-nabbit!!! We lose so many horses because they forget to bring a grain bag..."
Nothing! What traps mortals in Faerie is the fact that they generate magic. Horses (and chickens, and lizards etc) do not. The Change (after 24 hours or eating/drinking/etc) comes only to those who can generate magic.
and we know what horses generate when they eat grass ;)
And here we go.
Hopefully there's solid ground on the other side. :P
Yes. Arriving just off the coast of the fey realm could be both embarrassing and troublesome.
Darls Chickens
(I think Max is checking behind to make sure the portal doesn't close on his tail.) So the noble horse, well-known for being a skittish and nervous breed, simply bounds through the phantom transdimensional energy gate like a gap in the hedge. Partner, you ol' rascal, you've been here before, haven't you?
Always really liked this picture.
Me too. :D
Sorta like the transonic vapor trail of an aircraft transitioning from subsonic to supersonic flight
Just got back here for this week after catching up on School Spirit, an enjoyable and spirited comic I went to because of a comment by you. You didn't get a bump from that. but thanks.
'School Spirit' is great. It's a much needed ray of sunshine on the net. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D
I came to CNH via a Project Wonderful ad from A Distant Soil by Colleen Doran - one of the great living artists and story tellers - and Darc is awfully close. Love the story and art. The story is prime requirement for me with at least acceptable art and your's is great.
Thank you! *blush*
Awesome drawing - so much movement and drama in one not-so-simple frame. Well done! BTW loving the story. I'm hooked :-)
Thanks! I love drawing horses. Which is odd, cause I'm actually a little afraid of them. :)