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Issue 14 - Page 10

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Just saw the note about the liquidation sale. I was concerned that CN:H was closing down. I'm glad it isn't. I'm also glad that the Queen is looking a bit more kindly towards Hunter and his white lie.
Hunter blew the queen's chance to have one up on the Fae Queens; an unarmed mortal got the better of a Fae that was breaking the rules. It would have been quite a coup for the queen!
well he didn't quite break the rules but he bent them pretty fiercely right?
Like a pretzel, baby.
Darls Chickens
Psst! Max! No sitting down!
It just hit him all at once, that's all. Pretty sure the queen would let that pass.
Losing face and losing respect aren't exactly the same thing. Losing face is losing ground in a game of status. Though point remains, in the status between the three queens, Hunter telling the truth would have been major points for the mortal Queen, and definitely not shameful.
But HE doesn't know that. Max is a lot of things. Unfortunately for him, good at understanding games of court isn't one of them. Moraine isn't interested in confusing him, just in calming him down and getting him to do what she wants. :)