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Issue 14 - Page 09

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Ooh! Roundhouse kicked right in the feels!
the truth often hurts. and now hunter is starting to understand just how grave a mistake he made. also i found my password but i'm out of money :<
I don't know...I think that Hunter lying in front of all the queens was NOT the wrong thing to do...It's interesting to see if the queen understands WHY Hunter did what he did. I think she does. BAH! Curse you all for keeping this such a thoughtful comic!
True. In private, he can be as truthful as he can be sure of things, but among rival powers it should be obvious that 'selective truths' are necessary.
Oh, I'd say there is great strength in the truth.. Age and experience brings discretion and wisdom in knowing when to speak it, and I think that her Majesty knew precisely what was going on, and specifically gave leave for that truth. A wise agent would always speak the truth, and trust Her to decide when that truth would be best brought to bear.
"Discretion" can also be an excuse to keep certain secretive abuses from being brought to light. There is a cleansing in always telling the truth. Being diplomatic often most serves the most abusive among us.
If he's being selective then what should he say? "the trouble is over your Majesty if you wish a full report i'll i'll have it ready after your guest leave?" i don't think the queen would have accepted that anymore then she liked his lie
I would assume that Her Majesty already knew the truth, and was just asking the details. As a subordinate Hunter would likely never know enough information to be "selective". He HAS to trust the Queen, just as she has trusted him. When she asked, she deserved nothing less than the COMPLETE Truth. It is on HER if she asked the wrong question at the wrong time in the wrong company...
And it would have never embarrassed HER, since her people didn't act out of line. Only the Fey crossed the treaty line in any way, so only the Fey would have been embarrassed. The Queen would have been rightly incensed, and angered at her guest, and would have had the high ground on them.
Also, I wonder if the status on her staff shows one member short? Remember the fae lady commenting on tight that collar looked ?
Wow. Her Majesty impresses me more and more every time I see her. No wonder RCSI is so totally loyal. They'd be fools not to be.
Darls Chickens
Oh, honestly, your majesty! He didn't lie to you. He lied in front of you. You both knew he was giving face-saving diplomatic spin, and you both knew that you both knew it. Not one being in that hall was deceived for an instant. He minimized the fallout but kept everyone aware of how things really stood. Give him a break.