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Issue 14 - Page 08

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"I thought it would complicate fae relations if I contradicted Puck's story."
I think she's upset he lied concerning the events two years ago. I'd wager to protect Predator's reputation or something. There is a LOT more to this story of course. ;) Which is why I'm loving it.
Hera Ledro
Esy off base there, actually. The only lie that is on the table is the lie he told to the Fae queens about rough-housing. There's no evidence to suggest that he told any lies about Predator, at least not in my reading.
Hera LedroJon
Way, not Esy. Bad typo D:
I think the queen was itching for something to nail the Fae Queens on, and Hunter let her down by lying.
Goes to show secrets don't necessarily stay secrets there hunter.
Lying in front of the Fey Queens, putting himself on their level like that, undermined the Queen's position on the moral high ground. Whether or not the Fey Courts place any stock in morality, they know that Moraine does. This is going to sting...
Worst. By playing along, he may have just put that fey in his debt, a big no-no, remember~?
Nah, Hunter neither holds nor owes debts to the Fey. You have to _accept_ that obligation, it can't just happen.
i think it has something to do with prince's magic- me may have given an explanation for the nights events that left out the prince's magic for his and the queen's sake.
here i was thinking he was trying to prevent bring shame on his queen for fighting on treaty night.
Hunter: "I lied? About what?" The Queen: . . . Hunter: "You mean tonight, with the fae?!" The Queen: . . . Hunter: "Ah, well, that time on Avalon that the collar broke, right?" The Queen: . . . Hunter: "The glitter in your crown last Treaty Night that we blamed on the fae?" The Queen: *eyebrow arches* "Go on . . ."
Ted Schiller
Gavin may not have broken any rules, but the Queen will not tolerate her agents being set upon in her palace. Especially when that agent was assigned to guard her grandson.
I told you so.