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Issue 14 - Page 06

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I guess she just needed some time to calm down before she did something she might regret.
Carl Foxmarten
I'm surprised at how alluring she looks in the second-to-last panel. =0.o= (yes, I said it)
The Wanderer
Never allow anger to influence your decisions. Moraine's a good boss.
Jon Wolf
if you ask me she's to sweet to hold a grudge ya know
this does not bode well...
Hmmmm.... Max's face says that this is yet to be dealt with..... it is not as if Moraine will be berating Max in the Prince's bedroom.... Max's self flagellation may be worse than Moraine's actual words and he would probably prefer actual pain to having disappointed her.....
I think Moraine's words will be enlightening
I think she understands why he lied as well. So that everyone there could save face.
So tempted to spoiler...
I honestly don't think she's going to be that upset, or at least I hope not. It's not like Max could have possibly kept Matt away from danger and watched him at the same time since Gavin was specifically targeting Max.
Ted Schiller
Right now she wants to see her grandson. She'll deal with Max later.
I think she looked grateful (and melancholy) towards max in the second to last panel.
I think Max's dread over what is to come will far outweigh anything that Moraine will say. In fact, the light smile she wears bodes well for him I think. IMHO her stern and threatening countenance before was more for show than any real ire. Max is a good agent, and she a good and kindly (though never weak) monarch. And I really like the toy lion the young prince has, too cute.
why is everyone calling Hunter, Max? I thought Max was the kid?
Max McConnor is Hunter's real name. Hunter is his code name. The young prince's name is Matthew.
I stand by my earlier stance that the queen was making a bad decision by sending Max into the Fey realm. But naturally, there is some larger plan here I do not see yet: It is merely a reminder to NEVER question the decisions of Moraine Norris.
Hunter is shorter than Moraine in all but the last panel xP... I love the expressions on Moraine's face. Definitely not what I would have expected...she must have been putting on a show...but for whom ^ ~?