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Issue 14 - Page 04

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And Hunter knows he's in trouble... He looks so dejected in this page!
I know. Poor guy. :(
I would look dejected too if I had a Queen that could hold her own with the Fey coming to rip me a new one.
No, that isn't it. He promised the Queen he'd keep the boy out of harm's way. He failed in his duty. He then embarrased his queen. In this duty, he failed again. Then he lied to his queen. That he had to is irrelavent. He failed to trust in his queen and her abilities enough, that he resorted to the lie. And for a third time, he has failed her.
On the other hand; He managed to keep the prince safe while he was being hunted by a Fey with an axe to grind. He turned this situation into an advantage and embarass Winter in front of Summer and Moraine. He then showed skill by lying, when everyone knew it was a lie, to allow Winter to save face and avoid a nasty incident. All in all, I think he has gone up a couple of notches in Moraine's book, but will still get a slap over getting himself into that in the first place.
i get the feeling poor hunter was in a no win scenario back at the part.anything he did would have caused problems