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Critter Rhode
He should be safe. He has a crowbar with him.
I believe the word Max is looking for is "voluntold." I wish to reiterate that, whether the mess with the Prince was his fault or not, this is a BAD IDEA, Moraine. A BAD IDEA. You shouldn't try to save your agents with BAD IDEAS.
Hey, you don't know the plan. It could be a good plan! With howitzers!
Well, at least he doesn't have a hat to lose. It can't be that kind of bad plan, at least.
Nov shmoz ka pop?
I'm honestly not sure if this means the plan involves howitzers or not. I can never tell with you. Curse you and your five dots in Obfuscate!
My brain is an impenetrable fortress! Unfortunately, it doesn't have a bathroom...
Well obviously it doesn't have a bathroom. That would involve plumbing, which would be a breach in the impenetrableness! You need to think closed biosphere, waste products get recycled in the hydroponics farm.
Ahh, I see Max has been taking lessons from Dr Gordon Freeman then? ;) Or a certain trio of witches from a certain disc-shaped world who have plenty of experience putting Fey in a private world of pain. Heh heh.
Ted Schiller
Will two adventurers with fey friends show up to help? Nope, but hey, it's my fantasy. :)
I a certain a box of iron caltrops would work like a mine field for covering his eventual retreat.
True, Random.... would be a possible plan.... except Fey don't always need to walk, as such... it may help thin out a few though...
British style: "I want three volunteers, you, you and you!" You never volunteer, you get volunteer'd.
Why will Nyx (or anyone else the same or longer in Fae) be unable to leave the Fae Realm? What happens if someone tries to TAKE them out after that time?
With most Faerie stories, if you stay too long in the world of the Fae, you can't leave and live. Either centuries have passed since you went in and you turn to dust after leaving or you just wither away.
But Max is measuring her stay in hours, and not so many more than his own stay will be (I think).