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Issue 14 Cover

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I like how the background looks quite a bit like a sunset, and the shadow horse is pretty awesome as well!
Darls Chickens
"Darc" Horse Comics?
snerks. good one there
Jasper Woyote
Hunter looks older and wiser with ever passing chapter
*WINCE* That was horribly funny Darls. And yeah, Hunter looks older and wiser, because he is. Every day.
He looks...kind of crushed. His expression just gives the impression that he's doing something he knows he doesn't want to do.
So is Hunter being put out to pasture? :D
Thanks guys! I usually like to do a bit more with the covers, but this time I got inspired. I'd just finished reading 'Batman: The Long Halloween' and fell in love with Tim Sale's work. Especially his covers. They're so iconic. Unfortunately, as we can all see, I am no Tim Sale. :D
Iron Ed
You are however "The" Darc Sowers; whose work I greatly admire! Tim Sale I've never heard of. ...Seriously! p.s. I always thought you did pretty elaborate backgrounds already when appropriate. Many panels don't need them, but you do great when they're needed.