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2012-07-16 09:53:35 
I like how the background looks quite a bit like a sunset, and the shadow horse is pretty awesome as well!
Darls Chickens
2012-07-16 22:36:22 
"Darc" Horse Comics?
2012-07-17 01:13:37 
snerks. good one there
Jasper Woyote
2012-07-17 01:18:53 
Hunter looks older and wiser with ever passing chapter
2012-07-17 03:00:03 
*WINCE* That was horribly funny Darls. And yeah, Hunter looks older and wiser, because he is. Every day.
2012-07-17 16:38:11 
He looks...kind of crushed. His expression just gives the impression that he's doing something he knows he doesn't want to do.
2012-07-17 20:11:27 
So is Hunter being put out to pasture? :D
2012-07-19 10:02:42 
Thanks guys! I usually like to do a bit more with the covers, but this time I got inspired. I'd just finished reading 'Batman: The Long Halloween' and fell in love with Tim Sale's work. Especially his covers. They're so iconic. Unfortunately, as we can all see, I am no Tim Sale. :D
Iron Ed
2012-07-19 17:55:35 
You are however "The" Darc Sowers; whose work I greatly admire! Tim Sale I've never heard of. ...Seriously! p.s. I always thought you did pretty elaborate backgrounds already when appropriate. Many panels don't need them, but you do great when they're needed.