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Issue 13 - Page 24

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The Wanderer
I think Gavin's going to get a spanking. Winter looks like the kind of mother who gets featured on the news - and not in a good way, either.
Hunter like all of her men are probably under orders to avoid conflict at all cost. hunter probably couldn't admit that Gavin was hunting him and that he was forced to fight back without shaming Queen Morin or at least that what it seems that Puck hinted. weather it was true or not i can't say
Now I wonder how this is going to play out between the four of them. Hunter and Gavin still have the marking issue to resolve, and depending on how things are interpreted Gavin, Hunter, and the prince all owe Puck a favor...
Things would have to be interpreted pretty loosely for that to be the case. Gavin owing him a favor, I can see. Max is a stretch to say the least ("Oh, I didn't play along because you were helping. I played along because it was the only way to shut you up and I was sick of hearing your voice."). The prince is in the clear.
Chakat Firepaw
Max could even argue that Puck owes him: Without Max's help, Puck couldn't have placed Gavin in a position to owe Puck.
The Wanderer
The look on Puck's face suddenly reminds me of Eddie Haskell from the old "Leave It to Beaver" show.
And here everyone is forgetting the poor agent who did get caught...
They haven't even realized that agent got taken yet. They'll realize after and be cheesed off at the Fey.
Out of the three queens it seems only Summer is believing Puck's story. Moriane is clearly upset and Winter has a choke hold on Gavin, by using his cloak.
Oh, now, I wouldn't say that, I imagine Summer knows her Puck all to well, no one is fooled by his little banter, I imagine it all comes down to who gained and lost the points in the three Courts. Both on the face of it, and on the true side that everyone knows, but politely don't mention in public.
Mamma Peach
Actually, I think Summer is pleased over Winter's discomfort.
Hunter isn't forgotten, he and Moraine are smartly leaving things silent 'til the fae are gone. Summer doesn't have to believe Puck's story, she only has to ACT like she does to support Winter's discomfort.
Better to have GAVIN mad at you then the Winter queen.
Uh-oh. Puck and that expression in the same room is NEVER a good thing.
The silver Bullette
We have a case of goood fae / bad fae. I wonder what the fallout will be after the fae go back home.
Much as I love Moraine, I really hope part of the fallout is Max yelling at her. We have no reason to believe the prince's room had any security measures beyond a lock on the door, so Gavin would've found Max one way or another. Unless, of course, he was never present to begin with. Which would have been the case had the prior orders not to have Max working near the Fae not been overridden, presumably at Moraine's behest. Either she made a bad call, or is an even bigger troll than Max is.
Nobody actually believes that story. Summer is acknowledging it because it makes both the English and the Unseleighe look like naughty children. Winter is only accepting it because it's less shameful than other spins on the subject.
Summer definitely scored points over both Queens here. Far as they know right now, only Summer's people 'behaved' during treaty night. I'd have to go back and see if the Agent was captured by Winter or Summer.
If I remember the dialog right when the agent was taken, it was definately 'kindly suggestions'... so yea, I wouldn't be too surprised if the summer queen got two points, one for the shaming and the other for sneaking an agent away without force.