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The Wanderer
And 10 points to Puck for the quick save! Unfortunately, Gavin and Hunter may be beholden to Puck after this. Bad joss to piss off two queens at the same time.
Nonsense! Even if Puck had deliberately misinterpreted Hunter's earlier refusal, that offer only applied to helping with the other fairy. And in this instance, Puck was saving his own hide as well as it's pretty obvious that he was meant to keep an eye on the Fae that was after Hunter.
Aloha all
Three queens, Moraine doesn't look too happy with all of this either.
I'm sure the prince will have his say once the treaty night is over, telling what really happened. He might even say "I made Hunter take me to the kitchen".
... Nice save from Puck indeed, even if he IS playing both ends against the middle! It's all in good fun, after all... for him.
And...cue the serious sense of foreboding.
I feel confident Moraine's blatant disappoint is not due to Max's failure to follow orders, but simply because when getting dressed, she decided there wasn't any reason to wear her roundhouse kicking boots. And then this happened.
And I will bet anyone dollars to doughnuts that Moraine knows FULL WELL that "Roughhousing" is a line worthy to fertilize the Royal Gardens,- and she ain't wearing her sh*t-kickers, either... Also pretty sure Hunter is now second thinking his letting the Prince take the cuffs off, that he can't walk in, still shackled in Fae-Steel, and say, "Yes, Roughhousing, right."
Trying to avoid spoilers: Also bear in mind that Hunter and Gypsy are supposed to be Moraine's trusted informers. This won't exactly endear Max to the Queen at all.
Puck, is dangerous. He has a silvered fork tongue for sure. I would think that said nephew would tell his aunt everything in the background, or so I hope.
he has no choice in this i believe. and Gavin never did draw blood so at best this could be considered rough housing even if Gavin wanted to play for keeps. Also correct me if i'm Wrong Darc but isn't Puck a Summer court fay? why is he looking out for the winter Fay Gavin?
You're not wrong. Puck is most certainly Summer Court... And he must have his reasons... (heh heh heh)
I think it's in the light or dark eyes, summer/winter
What? Tell you and give the game away so soon? What's the fun in that? ;D
The Scavenger
because now Gavin is indebted to Puck.
Puck and Gavin are both mildly indebted to Hunter now. Of course this makes it even more important that Hunter find a good place to hide during the next offical hunt in three years.
Why would Puck look out for a member of the Winter court? Because he is Puck! That is all the reason he needs. :=3
the suspense is mounting. when i find my password for the store again you can bet i'll be ordering more of the books .... i wish i could keep up with those thing but i'm her every update even if i don't always speak. the story keeps me coming back
How very well done, Puck. Two indebted to you, plus the chance to slip multiple insults on them
With Puck explaining and Max agreeing, I wonder if one is in any way indebted to the other now.
I am sure Gavin is indebted to Puck (Do Feys' become indebted to other fey same way as to mortals?) and Hunter for saving his skin(literally).
Oh, Gavin's indebted up to his eyeballs right now.. As to Hunter. If Hunter plays his cards right, Puck could be indebted to him. With agreeing with Puck, he covered for Puck's lie. If the queens were to find Puck out....
I'm pretty sure Hunter has nothing on Puck or Gavin now. After all, it would be recounting his story, showing that he lied. It was in his and his queen's best interest to keep the status quo, keeping things balanced. Puck nicely offered both Gavin and Hunter a way to get this done without a public 'scandal'. Ofcourse, noone believes the story, but it's a way for everyone to save face. And Puck got his entertainement
There is going to be "recompense" later for this embarrassment I am sure!
Alas, Queen Moraine does not look happy with Hunter. I too won't give up any spoilers other than to say, when a favour is offered it MUST be accepted by a person. In this case neither Hunter nor Gaven accepted Puck's favour. So in this case what Puck is doing is all on his own. Why he is doing it? Well wait n see.
As for Queen Moraine, she doesn't seem happy with Hunter in this case. I'm not sure if I were in Hunter's shoes I would have done any different, it is treaty night and Hunter doesn't want to shame Queen Moraine in front of the Fey Queens. So it is obvious Max is doing what he believes is right.
I have to wonder though, what would have been the outcome if Hunter and the prince had run off back to his room immediately after boosting Gavin through the doorway? Would anyone have seen them besides Puck?
This is an IE test
Queen Moraine has every right to be miffed. This is her event and she doesn't like having it interrupted. Also, Hunter is supposed to be guarding the princeling, not hobnobbing with others. She can surmise that he has abandoned his duty and has endangered the heir to the throne.
Darls Chickens
Hunter could have dodged the bus completely if he wanted to. "You are correct, honoured guest. Speaking for myself, there was and is absolutely no evil intent...and no TRULY loyal servant would ever instigate a petty quarrel on such a solemn occasion." So taking part of Gavin's disgrace bullet had better bring a lot of "you owe me" juice with it.
The silver Bullette
My guess would be that Moraine, knowing Hunter's history with a particular Fae, can put it together that more is going on here then meets the eye. The Fae Queens may not care that Gavin has a history with Hunter but Moraine most certainly does. I'm sure Gavin owes Puck but as a collaborator that may or may not extend Hunter.