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Issue 13 - Page 22

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The Wanderer
Oh dear. The help is getting ... out of paw. Whatever shall we do, if it cannot account for itself?
Frith Ra
Time to debase this one from servant to... something appropriately humiliating. Might I suggest making him ... mortal?
Yep. Interrupting the conference, and bested by a scruffy runt of a mortal who didn't break the rules. This is not going to be one of Gavin's good days.
*falls in the floor laughing* Ohhh, Gavin.. Methinks you're going to WISH you'd just let that go before this is all over.. It's going to cost you MUCH more than a mark.
Carl Foxmarten
Methinks the Queen just got a whole bunch more bargaining power! =^.^=
OH SNAP!! Gavin, your in deep and sinking fast.
Realistically, Gavin's best bet is to sing his way out of this mess. "Hello~,I must be going..."
I came to say I cannot stay. I must be going.
For you see my queen a fear for my health is surely truly growing.
Now all we need is for Puck to make things much worse for him by explaining things. LOL
MWhahahahahahaha. Yes, yes... let's let PUCK explain what happened. He enjoys a good tale and a fine audience. (evil grin)
Aww C'Mon, You Know he'd only Puck things up more for Gavin!;D :P
heh it makes more sense now that Hunter made Gaven go interrupt the royalty then do it himself
I think a few centuries as a hamster on a wheel, upon the Lady Winter's desk in her study back in the Fae Lands might be appropriate....
That would certainly be amusing...for everyone except Gavin. :)
...and it hits the fan for Gavin! >;D
I almost feel sorry for Gavin. Fae punishment is more to teach others not to be this stupid, as it is usually far worse than the original crime.
C. Mage
Wouldn't surprise me that the fey would concentrate more on training their people to hide the truth better rather than to stop doing evil stuff...
Larry G
OOOooh! Gavin, looks like you are up the proverbial unsanitary tributary without a means of locomotion. The good news: your calender has been cleared for the next century or two!
C. Mage
Gavin, you are DEAD. You are SO dead, they're going to have to bury you TWICE.
Karin Klug-Lais
OH YES--let Puck explain and then give Gavin a shovel--he is GOING TO NEED IT
C. Mage
BTW, Summer, way to throw your sis under the bus like that...who then starts referring to Gavin as an "it". Classy.
Ted Schiller
There will be further discussions elsewhere. "The reason you let a personal target of one of the fae be here and you let me put him in charge of my grand son is?"
Ah...not cognizant of his surroundings and wasn't aware he was near the ballroom. Oh dear...I love how winter refers to him as "IT". He is in SO much trouble!
Not cognizant of a moving target that fights back and the principles of momentum.
Aloha all
I just love Gavin's face when he realizes where he is and how much trouble he is in.
Hunter could make Gavin SUFFER right now. "Oh, I"m sorry Miladies. Gavin and I were just playing high contact high stakes tag with the Prince, and it seems he got carried away!" In fact, I suspect that Hunter won't be able to resist the opportunity to do just that!
Sometimes it is just a lot more fun to watch the rain fall on its own. No need to ruin the moment. :) Though.. if if hunter puts it as 'Gavin came after US'... with the implication that US included the prince... your going to have to put a skylight above where the queen blew her top.
Gavin seems to be about to attack someone... and the Queen is closest. This could be disastrous for others, in several ways, if he isn't stopped.
No, he's experiencing appropriate levels of fear and she's not even on his radar.
Why do I think that Hunter just got the Queen even more in his debt? Especially with Summer and Winter just complaining about the Queen's men hunting without control in THEIR territory, and yet one of THEIR men was hunting in the Queen's territory without control.
A point well made, for one so young. Poor Gavin, his neck will be wrung. This fact should push the tide of the truce, in favor of the human queen who like the other two is probably LESS than amused.
All assuming she doesn't tear a strip off him for endangering the prince by draging him along through it all. Even if Gavin would have attacked Hunter and the prince even if they had stayed in the Prince's chambers
oooh, this is gonna leave a mark!
Not until he gets home it wont. Queen Winter will not want to be seen skinning her underling alive in public
*just continues to snigger as he hands Gavin a bottle of bactine* Dude? this is gonna leave a scar or two... *walks off*
You'd think Gavin would have learned from the previous time he let Hunter get into close-quarters with him (rabbit-punched in the throat). But no~~~. And as a result, he has to deal with the fact of publicly embarrassing the queen of the Unseleighe Sidhe (winter fae). Brilliant tactical decision by Hunter.
uh oh gavin is in deep doodoo winter is gonna have quite a few words with gavin and i don't think the queen will be happy he tried to harm the prince this could really effect the truce or put things in the queens favor
If you pay attention to the covers of the future chapters (future to us at least) you know that Hunter gets in trouble, and is forced to go on an errand in Fae territory. That sounds like either ill favor or very high favor. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the two apart.
Wow, they look a lot taller than they do in the book 8)
Scotty K
This is where things get interesting
Iron Ed
And I thought things were pretty interesting before... :-)
At Summer's and Winter's height looking down on Gavin, they may not see Max, and even if they did, probably wouldn't see him as relevant. The queen, at her lower vantage point, may easily see him through the doorway.