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Issue 13 - Page 21

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Scotty K
YEA! you go Hunter!
The Wanderer
Hey, Gavin said it himself - Hunter's small and fast. You can't blame him for using those to his advantage.
Bahahaha! Faceplant!
I suspect that there's something important about that doorway... I mean, sure, it's a nice shot, but I suspect that Hunter did this with more planning ahead than just taking a shot at the guy.
I actually think that might be the doorway to the ballroom where the queen is. It kinda looked like it over the last few pages xP.
Frith Ra
It's the door to the ballroom where their majesties are discussing affairs of state.
Too bad Hunter didn't strike lower, ah, fey have kidneys, right? That might have taught Gavin a little more. I'm not the only one who's been kidney punched before, right?
Much like Eldar, I suspect that Fae do not have "kidneys" as we understand them.
What's this, Gavin? Lowering yourself to a mundane physical attack instead of magic? Now, will Hunter run off with the prince back to his room or will they follow the fae dust mop in?
That's why Hunter goaded him on. It made Gavin angry enough to do something really stupid
It really seems to be shaping up that Max doesn't actually intend to get Gavin punished. Rather, he seems to be setting him up so that Moraine sees what's happening, thereby preventing Gavin from striking back, while ALSO humiliating him in front of the entire court. Troll Lvl: Hunter.
I'm thinking it's less about the fact that he failed at attacking hunter personally than that he to attack him in the presence of the queens son who, by all rights, is off limits to all fey.
pink stripey socks
@Rogue: Agreed! This way all of the queens see what's going down AND Gavin has to face their displeasure. If Hunter just ran into the room, the fae queens could say he was spewing insulting nonsense.
And he slides on his face into the ball room facing icy glares, unable to explain himself without serious repercussions.
Karin Klug-Lais
Cat is out of the bag and somebody is getting into SERIOUS trouble
What is happening, Children, is Gavin's total loss of Face before the entire Fae Host, not just the Queen. And like the Japanese, Face is everything. What has done here: 1. Made Gavin appear first, obviously losing a fight. 2. Once Hunter walks in, Gavin is being beaten by a MORTAL (even if he is one of Morraine's agents) 3. This is the SECOND TIME this particular mortal has beaten Gavin. 4. When it's revealed Gavin attacked a child, and Morraine's grandson at that, it's all over.
To make it worse, Gavin is here at the whim of the Fae Queens, and they are considered responsible for him, and his actions. This means he just made the FAE QUEENS look bad. Expect lightning and storms to erupt.
C. Mage
Make the Fae Queens look bad? More like make them look WORSE. Keep in mind that they're basically kidnappers who sacrifice people to the Devil to keep their magical abilities (the Tithe). So this is basically a NO steps forward, two steps back situation.
Nah, that's looking bad to -us-. Hunter's just made Gavin look bad to the -other Fey-. It's cost whichever Court he's attached to a lot of face, and accrued major points to the Mortals, since he beat Gavin without breaking the letter of the Rules.
Like I said. Troll Lvl: Hunter
In short, He beat him like a fey would. A victory they must accept as valid, not on the basis of a 'rules lawyering humans' meathod.
C. Mage
Besides, based on Gavin's performance, fay mages have all the physical combat tactics of a third-grade schoolyard bully. Hunter, on the other hand, likely has had considerable physical combat training. In short, Gavin threw away his tactical advantage...and Hunter is saying, "You're in MY house now."
So basically Gavin is in so much hot water they're going to make Gavin Stew, and everyone in the room is going to get a bite out of him.
so much hot water they'll have Gavin tea.
Not to mention, this time he beat him without iron, and publicly to boot. The tricky thing is though, no one outside the pair has seen anything but the Prince and Puck. And you can't exactly rely on Puck.
If you look at the last page, the door seems to have been open with Hunter standing in front of it. If it was, I'm betting that people in the next room heard everything that just happened, on this page and the last one.
Now how to play that off like he tripped and fell on his way into the ballroom...gonna be dicey!
All Gavin has to do to save face now is say he was trying out Floor Surfing. And wiped out. Totally. Believable.
Just don't let him on any beds and he'll be fine. ;D
The Scavenger
Honestly I think Gavin's father will punish him the worst. I reference this page:
Darn you to Heck, Scavenger! I had to refer to your reference and ended up rereading the entire strip from that point to present, then from the beginning to the reference. That was a busy several hours. ;-) Really looking forward to Monday...
The Scavenger
I am sorry you feel that way but I also feel that I needed to have the reference to back up my statement about Gavin's father
i take it there are few things worse then making a Fae look bad in front of their peers
Killing Gavin would have been kinder. Now, he's going to be the new chewtoy for the whole Fae Host. If he's lucky his dad will just disown him. If he's unlucky... well, there is the Tithe coming....
... Anyone else think that Gavin may have planned for just this kind of occasion? Or am I just being a bit paranoid here?
Iron Ed
You're being paranoid, there. :-) :-) :-) Gavin's too arrogant to think this kind of thing could ever happen to him!
that matches my estimation of his character as well
why would an arrogant spoiled fae plan to be shown up by a mere mortal?
It's happened before but they were just lucky then right? it could never happen again in the mortals life time right?
Exactly, and he had this all planned out, on the very night when he knows that Hunter could not use that iron chain again. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? ..... oh yeah... ;)
The one Hunter was attacking has not been seen. Let it appear as if he is attacking the young prince.