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Issue 13 - Page 20

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Wow you tell him hunter. i think hunter has him dead to rights
Wussy Fairy Boy!! Afraid to face an armed agent prepared to fight back!
Hunter's not armed with anything more than his wits. Since he was "babysitting", he figured he wouldn't need his sword. It's the sword AND collar that protect them from magic, which is why Gavin was able to injure and cuff him.
Yes, I realize this. Even if he had his sword, he could fight now, anyway, proving Gavin to be a complete coward.
Ouch, that hurt! I can only hope that making Gavin mad is part of Hunter's plan.
Very telling. And all part of the sneaky plan. >:D
You know, any magic that's sent Hunter's way will go straight into the Ballroom, where all the Nobles are trying not to be bored. Yes, get Gavin pissed, and watch him hang himself on his own petard.
Larry G
Saw the last panel, broke into a grin, said to myself, Mouse, you're gonna WIN! GO Hunter,Go!!
Gutsy, Hunter... Not much contact with Gavin, but you already know that he can be goaded... when in doubt, make him do something stupid!
C. Mage
There seems to be several recurring themes when it comes to the fey and how they do things, one of them being cowardice, not to mention arrogance and pettiness. One of the (pitifully) few redeeming features about them is that they obey rules, but spend a lot of time trying to circumvent them. Hunter may have defied him and marked him before, but Hunter just did something worse than both: he called Gavin out on his own flaws. (cont.)
Karin Klug-Lais
Anyone notice that Hunter is standing "IN FRONT" of the door to the ballroom
C. Mage
And if there's something a fey seems to hate more than anything, it's someone who reveals them for the shallow, self-serving creatures that they truly are. The only one of them that seems to be worth a damn was the first pixie that showed up at the beginning of the story. Must've been the black sheep of her family. (end)
Pixies are different from the big fey here. Our pixies are more about enjoying themselves. Our big fey are more about being devious and prideful. Ogres, unicorns, gnomes, and such are also fey. And so far, most of them have been decent.
Umm so has everybody forgotten about the last time we saw the ballroom and one of the fey had gotten the agent to remove her collar, and have not seen inside it since?
I haven't. Check the synopsis for Issue 14. ;D
there's a synopsis? *goes looking*
It looks like Hunter is trying to get Gavin to draw some blood right in front of the ballroom. I wonder what will happen when everyone witnesses a fey breaking the treaty.
I see Hunter doing worse than causing physical harm to Gavin. He's causing him to lose face in front of all the nobles. Hunter may not be able to draw blood, but that doesn't mean he can't wound his enemy in a much more serious way.
One order of vengeance, please, with a side dish of humiliation, hold the mercy. I wonder how free will works with the fey. Could a member of one of the nastier tribes choose to behave altruistically? Among humans, you sometimes run in to the occasional oddball who loves and admires an other ethnic group more than his own. Perhaps we have already seen examples of such people among the fey.
Get someone too mad and they don't think, they jump with out looking to make sure the water is in the pool. Gavin picked the wrond mouse to target. Predator trained Hunter well, (the mind is the best weapon, everything else is an accessory.)
The Scavenger
I only have one thing to say about this. "Duck Season, Fire."
NO Rabbit Season
Idiot season.
Oh snap! Now that is a Class A number 1 insult attack. Gavin is seething right now. Hunter is right and he knows it.
Hunter used taunt... Its Super-Effective!
Scotty K
You can really feel the suspense building in the room! i cant wait to see what happens next!
Major explosion in 3....2.... LOL This is going to be GOOD! GO HUNTER!!
I wonder if Gavin realizes that Max is no longer cuffed. That should make him even angrier and curious.
Aaaand then Gavin makes noises akin to a pissy fennec.
*laughs* Gavin will never live that down. :D
I wonder if Hunter has realized how the fey queens will react to seeing one of their own obviously breaking the rules. It reminds me of something I read in a book, specifically that breaking the rules can be audacious under the right circumstances; breaking the rules and being caught at it is simply pathetic.
Ah, the most fatal of flaws... Hubris. Easy to taunt, easy to provoke... And Gavin has taken the bait...