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Issue 13 - Page 19

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Hunter looks like he has something devious in mind. i wouldn't want to be in Gavin's shoes if it works.
oh holycrap, he just gave the, "GONNA CHOCK A BITCH!" look...O_o;;
I've been reading your comic for a while now, don't remember if I have ever commented, heh must be getting old. I love the emotion that you get in the eyes, that is very hard to pull off. There are several Web comics and graphic novels that I read that are good but the artist just can't pull off emotions in the characters eyes. By he way can't wait to see gypsy again, I love women that are good with guns, quick with wit and temper. That's an awesome or scary combination.
That so better not backfire!! Hunter you'd better have a GOOD plan.
Now, how does it go? Oh yes: "Well, your majesty. I have a cunning plan to get you out of this."
"So cunning, you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel!" I LIKE Max's grin. It's EVIL. ;D
Even if it doesn't go as Max plans, I hope it works out as good.
Given that Max has lived with Eric, a master of practical jokes, whatever he intends to do to Gavin is likely to be great.
So THAT explains it! Why Eric was always such a prankster! He knew about Max's encounter with Gavin and has been preparing him all these years to fight back. Is... is Eric really a... a Fey?(Disclaimer: The last sentence is purely nonsensical. It just makes me laugh)
*eyes widen at Hunter's look in the last panel* .... Uhm, Gavin? Four words.. Sucks to be you...
The Scavenger
Is it a bad thing that I already have at least 3 good ideas as to how this will end.