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Guys...great chat and all, but you really think you're out of the proverbial woods yet?
What? The guys be logical and play it safe? NEVER! ;D
Also, speaking form personal experience, running with an injured knee is not fun and generally not advised.
Reaching the Queens is like reaching home base. if he gets there then i don't think Gaven can preform anymore direct actions against him and his young charge
He also just let the fey he could do magic.
... that's if they did it within view of any fey. I'm assuming they've moved far enough away from Gavin and Puck before this.
I'm guessing that they lost track of Puck when fleeing Gavin. Also Fey 'help' is often worse than fey 'harm'; you more often live long enough to suffer for it. Puck is going to go to town with this, wheeheheee!
Have to agree with the below. No one *appears* to be watching, and there's no evidence to suggest that fey- or indeed, anyone- has a near-psychic ability to "know" when magic is being worked without seeing it or specifically watching for it.
Okay, it's official, Hunter's moniker of 'magical prince' would make an awesome nickname for the kid.
The Scavenger
When this is all over Hunter may wind up being assigned the boys bodyguard/guardian for the forseeable future.