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Issue 13 - Page 17

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The Wanderer
Nice way to reveal the Prince's power. Pity Gavin's not there to be on the receiving end.
Frith Ra
Ooh! I want the kid on MY team!
Carl Foxmarten
Oh crap, I was afraid of that. =><=
This page is exceptionally cool. You just added a very interesting element in the perfect way. Great work!
It's not the size of your fwoosh. It's how you use it. Namely, for good and the benefit of others. Or for melting faces for good and the benefit of others. I hope to see some of that, of course.
Richard, what have we said about this...
Now remember: Richard would melt faces, but never for the good and benefit of others. Only for himself. That said, it also depends on the name in which you use your fwoosh, such as, "In the name of PONY I fwoosh you!"
Oboy! Swiss Army Prince! Good show. :D
HEX the Dark
Why do I have to think of this:
We were kind of expecting this weren't we? I mean the Queen we knew had the gift, and why wouldn't it be passed down to the prince? Love it!!
It was actually stated pretty explicitly in the comic where the Queen met Hunter in the hospital. She referred to her grandson as a magical time bomb. Frankly, I'm just glad he didn't go off in Gavin's face. Replacing a wing of Buckingham palace would probably be expensive. Oh, and war with the Fae. That too.
He turned it into water?
I don't know about water, but he dissolved it back to whatever it was Gavin made it from.
I see no reason why it can't be water. After all, Russians turn potatoes into vodka without the benefit of magic, so I see no reason why he can't turn magical chains into water. Or into vodka. College is going to be interesting.
T'is nothing but phlogisten, not water.
Faerie fire is amazing... I love watchin it burn through anything the caster wants :)
I wonder if Gavin sensed that bit of magic use, and if so, who he thinks is interfering with his fun.
and the prince shows he's got some control over his magic after all
*groan* I know the prince meant well in doing that, but now there goes the one piece of physical evidence of Gavin's tom-foolery. It is now down to word of mouth. Something that the fey will have on their side with half-truths, flowery misdirection and eloquence well beyond mortal comprehension.
Not the *only* piece of physical evidence. If you check the previous page, you will see that Gavin's attempt to "move" Matthew left lots of physical evidence. In the form of a baseball-sized hole melted into the wall. Which also almost *certainly* would have broken the treaty, too, with or without drawing blood, if Max hadn't shoved him aside (at great risk to himself).
if the rule is no bloodshed, I see no real problem with shackles (magic or otherwise) being evident.
Solo Ion
I suppose that that means that there's nothing in the treaty about hanging someone from the nearest chandelier by their collar, or reversing gravity so that they spend the next week walking around on the ceiling.
The Scavenger
I have been listening to this song recently and can't help but think it works with certain recent events.
Oh, bright yes!