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The Wanderer
No blood drawn! Legal move! Hunter wins 10 points!
Hehe... I guess Gavin didn'tt see that coming - and Puck is going to stick it to him for a long time I think XD
GAK! indeed.. I've been hit there before.. Gavin's not gonna be getting up for a bit, so let's see what's happening elsewhere.. ^^
Close-in, dirty fighting. I approve of this message. >:D
Two things my father told me that stuck with me; never draw your gun unless you intend to use it, and there's no such thing as dirty fighting, if you're in a fight, fight to live, period.
Now, Hunter needs to watch out! Not only did Hunter manage to get away from Gavin, Hunter harmed Gavin. If that wasn't enough, Hunter harmed Gavin in a way that did not break the agreement.
Also, Hunter manged to do all of this while Gavin thought Hunter was captured. What makes it even more worse, this time there is witnesses, and one of the worst possible witnesses, Puck. Knowing Puck from other stories, Puck will probably make this event into a song, and tell it to anyone that gives him a chance to tell his tale.
The Ballad of Mighty Hunter and the Immortal Sissy.
Have to post in parts. 'Twas the night of the treaty, and all through the Palace, every being was filled - some with cake, some with malice. Foes facing off after four long years; a blue haired bigot and a mouse with big ears. The Prince and Mighty Hunter were up against the wall. Silly little Gavin, did you really think they'd fall? (Remember that of course, they'd already escaped before.Villains shouldn't talk so long that even their prey gets bored!)
Tried to blast them with some magic, no blood drawn from their souls (those damn tricky Fey, they do love their loopholes!) I thought the Fey were brave, but what is this I see? Oh look, he's chained Hunter up (too scared to fight him fairly!) And oh, dear Oberon, I'm really laughing now. From a tiny little child, he's getting a verbal beat down! The little sissy really shouldn't drop his pompous guard; for Mighty Hunter, knocking him down isn't really very hard.
THIS is the one the Immortal Fey has feared, the one he's sworn revenge on, hunted down, for all these years? I thought he said Hunter was hulk, not a runt? At the sight of this wimp, every Fey should feel disgust. It's a shame you couldn't see it, it left us laughing tears-crying like a baby, whilst his prey and pride disapears. Couldn't resist. :)
(Stands and applauds) Brava! Bravo! Bravissima! (And yet another warning why one should never P*ss off a Bard, for they have long memories and your name *WILL* scan to Greensleeves!)
Hunter 2, Gavin 0
And as always, Puck continues to be his sassy, jerkfaced, adorable self.
someones out of breath there they need to get to the main hall and report this to the queen and the other agents
Hunter should have used the chain that Gavin so stupidly provided to finish the job. Loop it around the neck, pull tight and hold. No blood spilled, no treaty violation.
llearch n'n'daCorna
Problem. Prince Matthew is still present, and still in danger. Since he's the principle, Max's Prime Directive is to keep him safe, at all costs. If Max were to use the chain, there's a chance that, in flailing around, Gavin could fire off some spell that kills the child. And, of course, there's also the chance that the chain would phase through the Fey without hurting him at all.
Fey might be spirits in their own realm, but once they pass through the gate, they are subject to most of the rules that apply to everyone else. The chain would indeed hit Gavin-just like that rock did.
Ha ha! Sneak Attack +10d6!
Frith Ra
Gavin had just fired a nasty spell & needed a moment to recharge, instead he got charged. Bravo! Oh, & thanks Puck, for staying out of the way.
*Waits for him to get to his feet. Once there kicks him hard in the gut, turns about face, grabs him by the back of his skull and pulls his head down against his shoulder to deliver a Stone Cold Stunner!*
Almost certainly NOT an iron chain.
Most CERTAINLY not an Iron chain, as Iron is fatal to Fey, and objects with even a small amount of iron in them have already been shown to disrupt Fey Magick and cause Fey excruciating pain. Go back to the start of the series and re-read from the beginning if you don't remember.
Would that mean that human blood splashed on a Fey would do the Fey ill? Remember, blood has iron in it.
I cant say about the blood, but I do recall ringing an iron bell or banging iron against iron should have effect.
Cuddle the Cuttlefish
@ DataBassIf hemoglobin is a problem, then I'd guess that Fey lovelovelove squid and octopus. Sushi bar next treaty night! (Except for Gavin. Gavin gets a juicy raw steak.)