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Scotty K
Awwwwww Damn! shit just got real!
Well, Gavin just made relations between the Fey and the British Crown testy for the next hundred years or so. This will definately affect how the future king will deal with the Fey courts.
Waaaaaitaminute. So, according to the rules, on Treaty Night, no blood is to be shed. But there's no accompanying rule about abducting mortals. Which the fey are capable of doing without shedding blood. So, the rule about not shedding blood helps RCSI, and by extension, Hunter... how, exactly? Someone, please explain this for me.
Moraine was young when she made the treaty and didn't understand how the rules could be bent. While she now knows, remaking a treaty is dangerous. She pulled it off the first time, she may not be able to the second. Also, most fey are not as impulsive as Gavin and prefer trickery, which most agents know to keep an eye out for.
And yes, Gavin is stretching the letter of the rules to their breaking point. Unfortunately, the complaint department is in the ballroom dealing with her own issues. She may be Chuck Norris, but even she can have her hands full. But remember, Gavin's now shown Max just how far the rules can be bent. ;)
That, uh, actually explain everything. Perfectly. You win for now, Darc, but I'll rules-lawyer Max a solution to this jam yet. Just as soon as I verify that Gavin's face isn't about to be melted.
Will Gavin slip up and go a little overboard, drawing blood? Will Hunter jump in to block, causing drawn blood (his own, not Gavin's)? Will the little prince surprise them with an instinctive response (the "ticking bomb")? Find out next time, same bat time, same bat channel.
Nana-nana-NANA-nana BatMouse! BATMOOOUSE!
Iron Ed
I wonder what they would call Batmouse in Germany... Since "fledermaus" = "bat". :-) :-) :-) Loved the original Batman tv show. Especially Catwoman! (All 3 of her! :-))
HEX the Dark
Well, "Batman" was always "Batman" in german, too (thank god they didn't translate the name), so I guess they'd keep the bat part and just put -maus behind it.
Zelda Fan
and then Prince Matthew says "To stone with you!"
No, now is when Puck steps in. After all, its' no fun if Gavin hurts the Princeling.
Gotta love villains and their monologuing...HEE!
Robert J Cleveland
You really don't want to do that Gavin. Really you don't. Trust me on this. You are now playing by Murphy's rules.
And if Gavin so much moves a hair on the prince there will be h377 to pay. Remember Puck said that hunting the prince was not allowed, so by extension hurting him would be way out of bounds.
If you kill someone by freezing someone solid, without shedding any blood, are they any less dead?
The letter of the treaty states that, no, it doesn't count; no blood was drawn. Remember, fae like Gavin only care about obeying the letter, rather than the spirit of an agreement. Although it DOES beg the question of what Gavin's available courses of action would be if Max were to just say, "No. What are you going to do about it?"
Govan Punter
Does the no blood-shed technically rule mean you could go around breaking Fae's necks without breaking the treaty?
Desert Viking
so.... does hitting them with iron count as "drawing blood"? semantics, semantics....
Max Verneir
What I want to see is a witty, rule bending agent that thinks not unlike the way they do. Bends the rules the OTHER way, just to give them a bit of well deserved fair play. *CLONK* "...YOU HIT ME. YOU HIT ME WITH IRON! YOU-" "Ah, but I did not draw blood, hmm?" "...*grumblesnivlegrudge*"
Oh yes, Gavin... MAKE the prince move.. Oy, so blinded with thirst for revenge that you're willing to blast one of the two people who could make this entire thing a political debacle for the fey. A mortal sealed off magic and the fey before.. Don't give them an excuse to do it again.
Ah, the classic Fey loophole. It's a pity Gavin had to point it out. Now Hunter and the Prince know that they can choke a fey and not get in too much trouble.