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Issue 13 - Page 14

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Scotty K
Damn, the young princes has some guts does'nt he. not many people would stand up to a fey. especially concidering his age and Gavin's power. you go prince!
Carl Foxmarten
Oh crud! Hunter's going to have to kill the boy isn't he? =>.
Scotty K
so im not the only crazy person who stays up late to see the next page! nice!
Scotty K
i also like the fact that you let us see Hunters thought process. its interesting to see how a real agent handles such a situation.
You forget, who exactly is the young man descended from? Moraine is still standing right next to Summer and Winter after all.
Indeed, the young prince may yet turn out to be Chuck Norris Jr. More to the point, however, gaming the system or not, the Treaty Night rules are still in effect. Gavin may be able to cheat to get Max, but the same does NOT apply to his sidekick. Gaving may not understand "disproportionate response," but I'll bet he DOES understand "mutually assured destruction."
Mike B
IIrc, wasn't there an earlier comic where Hunter was in a hospital bed and some oblique references were made to the young Prince having even more magical power than Moraine (and less control)? I rather doubt the Fae is aware of that.
Ron Bauerle
Ah, for the confidence of a child who'd never been noogied until he cried, and so still thinks he's invincible.
I love the look in the last two panels on Hunter's face, a mixture of "What.. Is this happening?" and "We are SOOOOOO dead."
The prince is royal blood. I'm sure that his standing is of some import and concern to Gavin. It's possible that his command carries a much heavier tone than that of an average person. Should make for an interesting turn of events. Either way, can't wait for the next page!
Kid's got spunk, I'll say that for him. This actually MAKES me eager for Monday, which isn't easy to do! ;D
Oh yes, stand up to him, with Puck in the background watching. Oh this is not going to end well at all
Oh Princeling, that is so sweet :) He's not gonna let the Fey take his chess buddy!
Godel Fishbreath
Still in the section where one can have read ahead, and that is covered by the physical comics. So some of us know and are not telling.It is fun. The art is good, too bad their business model was to give everything away for a small entrance fee. I hope they recover and do more of this comic. I wish them long lives and prosperity.
The comic will catch up with the old Supporters area on October 12th. Work will continue on Issue 15 once we've returned from Anthrocon, though I won't be showing as much in the blog as I used to. A gal has to have some secrets. ;D
'Twas my thought that Hunter was guarding the prince for the protection of Hunter because of what the prince can do magically that Hunter can't.
the kid has Guts but does he have the authority to pull this off? i remember him being referred to as a magic time bomb waiting to go off at one point. He's a prince but that doesn't mean that a Fae of the Royal court will listen.