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Issue 13 - Page 13

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A rock! Who DOES that?!
HEX the Dark
That soulless monster! D:
"When his head comes into view, hit it with the rock!"
Draco W
"My way is not very sportsman like."
Jaden Ittanenn
I was about to comment saying that wasn't the line.. then I looked it up... You are Correct sir.
Scotty K
hunter sort of has that stereotypical, "good guy," trait. he always has a snappy or witty comment. even in the face of danger. i find it kinda funny actually. the fact that even though he knows at any moment he could be killed or taken prisoner, he still has that little joke to make ya laugh! WIN
"I wasn't the one menacing an innocent woman at the time." Seriously though, just choke this prick to death and be done with it. He's a bastard of the highest order and he deserves worse than a good throttling.
Um, am I the only one who's noticed puck behind the bastard in the second to last panel? Because I think his presence is going to have a major effect on the events to come.
Four years is chump change to one of the Fae. Unless... Oh NO! Hunter is going to hell?!
Curious because I think I missed something. In the series of comics where this fey blasts him and has a rock thrown at him etc the guy who rescues the mouse says the fey wouldn't return for seven more years. Why/how did it get shortened to 4? is where I'm refering.
The fey hunt every seven years - Max hit Gavin during the last Hunt. The Treaty Night also happens every seven years, but four years after the Hunt. Predator had Max restricted to duty away from the fey, meaning he wouldn't normally be at the Treaty Night. Moraine revoked that. So, as far as Predator knew, Max shouldn't have seen Gavin for three more years.
He can only hunt every seven years. Technically, crazy fae guy came here for the treaty, not to hunt. But he's doing it anyway.
So is the lady that got the guy to take off his collar. So I guess in truth while the fey hunt every seven years they'll still take what they can get when they can.
What guy? I thought they were both ladies. At least Hunter still has his collar on.
Imagine, the audacity of hitting a fey prince with a common rock! ;)
It was probably a waste befouled cobblestone.
I'm going out on a limb here: Gavin, and by extension, all Fae, are unfamiliar with the concept of "disproportionate response."
"I hit you with the rock because you were going to hurt that girl!"
Does that fact that hunter wasn't and agent at the time and that he is one now mean anything ?
Oh it probably does but do you think the fae care?
Remember Hunter not only ruined Gavin's hunt he marked him. Remember Gavin is a Prince and undoubtedly his shame is known by everyone