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Issue 13 - Page 12

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Scotty K
iron for the win!
I don't think those are iron handcuffs . . . those look more like spell constructs to me. Hunter didn't have them on earlier.
Scotty K
Yea. Good point. But granted, when you love this comic somuch so that you stay up till midnight to dee the next page like I do sometimes, you tend to start seeing some crazy stuff! Lol
A faerie spell isn't going to be conjuring iron; it can't. I would guess FaeSteel.
But isn't steel just carbonized iron? so wouldn't faesteel still be able to hurt fae?
Traditionally, Steel has been presented as non-harmful to Fae at all because it's been worked/processed. It's "Cold Iron" that hurts fae; raw iron that has never been processed at all; basically considered to be part of the cold, harsh essence of the earth itself which is harmful to the illusionary powers of the fae. "Reality" disrupts "Lies".
Chakat Firepaw
Strange how all the older stuff I come across makes no such distinction. The 'cold iron is something special' thing tends to be recent. Besides if steel doesn't work, threatening to dump things like tanks and kitchen sinks through the portals wouldn't have worked. However, it could easily be something like magically reinforced silver or aluminum.
Another thing that separates cold iron was the fact that the essence of earth was powerful in it. Basically magnetized. Iron tended to carry a polar charge. Course, I've been wrong before, and could still be. xD
Yeah, especially since the chain is spinning like the spell itself.
Can't help but think that the Mortal Queen is going to be VERY put out when she finds out about this, and the Fae Queens will probably not be happy either. (As the Mortal Queen will seriously kick some Fae @$$ for this!)
Indeed. You DON'T break a treaty with Moraine.
the Fae queens will be pissed over the humiliation of one of their subordinates breaking the treaty.
I think this is going to end with a choked to death Fae jerk and Hunter in trouble for "not spilling any blood in treaty stretching ways".
Well, technically if he chokes the Fae to death, then it's not 'spilling blood', is it? That was one of the ways they killed kings, so as to not spill any royal blood. That, and rolling them into a carpet and having a horse stomp on it.
they also smothers them with pillows and heavy blankets if i remember correctly
Nothing says the chain and shackles have to be iron of any origin. They could easily be bronze. That is a fairly tough alloy.
*squeee* I love you guys! You make me so happy! :D
Treaties with magical assholes is always about the letter of the law. Li'l Miss Mind-controlled is going to be disappeared and likely "Missing, presumed dead" tomorrow morning, Hunter is likewise in danger of getting himself disappeared in a very specific and just-barely-legal way if he isn't careful. Alternatively this is a very convoluted method of trying to goad Hunter into breaking the rules. As for choking fey to death, perhaps someone has read the Kamigawa novels?
Scotty K
I love the fact that my one simple comment started this big discussion. WIN!