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Issue 13 - Page 10

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Scotty K
Ha! I especially love the facial expressions on the character's faces in this scene. I love that you can capture so much emotion on every page.
Wow. This guy's a cheap shot when it comes to hunting. Seriously man, at least use hitscan type attacks that you have to aim! Homing bolts are just for lazy wusses who can't actually hunt! Note: Hitscan = Instant hit when used, like a laser.
mike martin
Looks like he's out to violate the treaty and doesn't care.
Gotta love vengeance, huh?
Treaty's only violated if he draws blood. :D Why am I enjoying this? Why am I even laughing?
I don't know, I'm just glad I'm not he only one. :D
Nooo! Hunter!!!
I guess it only counts if he violates the letter of the treaty, and not the spirit of it? Also, has it not occurred to him that he might, you know, accidentally draw blood? I'm not alone in wondering this, am I?
Yep, he's only following the letter, not the spirit of the treaty. He's also not the brightest crayon in the box. ;P
What is that in the last panel?
That would be Max's knee