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Gavin is good at playing the melodramatic villain. he probably knew exactly where they were and he was toying with them from the moment he stepped through the door.
I'll start the betting with 50:1 odds that Moraine winds up saving them.
Hera Ledro
Methinks you aren't giving Hunter enough credit ;D He's a quick and resourceful little bugger.
He also likes to fight dirty. ;D
I say their quarrel interferes with Moraine just enough that she and the Fae Queens mix it in with this years 'treaty deliberations' I'll give it 20:3 odds Also I'll give that Hunter will yell at Moraine for interrupting I'll put that at 5:1 odds
And here I thought the fae were under a treaty...something like this would certainly start hostilities...Ooooohhhh boy. ;) Suspenseful! Loving it.
He's not broke the treaty yet. All he's done is chase and scare them, not harmed or drew blood
C. Mage
"Trust me, the last thing I'd ever do would be to harm you....but it IS on the List."
Slight problem if you want to stick to technialities. Lookie the couch. If he had hit one of THEM due to some misjudgement... whose ass would it be on the line here? I expect Moraine is going to have a field day with the queens over this one, and then Gavin is going to be in the queen's dog house for sure because you know which direction it rolls...
Frith Ra
Someone is going to have to pay for that couch.
K.A. Bren
Darc'! :D Remember me? I want to drop a note here to say I'm still reading. It's come a long way since 2001 when I first started reading your wonderful stories and seeing your fantastic artwork! ^^ Keep it up!
Emmy?! YEEEE! *hugs* How are you?
See, Gavin? This is why we can't have nice things!
wow, is that guy a jerk or what?
It's not entirely fair to call him a "jerk." The fey mind is totally alien to us mortals; for all we know, this kind of behavior is expected of him.
It is. Hunter hurt Gavin, turnabout is fair play. As is Puck making it 'easier' on Hunter to make it a 'fair' 'game'.