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2012-05-04 00:22:27 
Oh wow, I'm irritated with Puck and he's not even saying this stuff to me. LOL!
2012-05-04 15:17:33 
THIS is why I named my cat Puck.
Silver Guardian
2012-05-12 04:39:50 
It's Puck; if he's not inherently irritating, he's not being written right.
2012-05-04 00:39:12 
Words cannot describe my love for Puck in all his various forms.
2012-05-04 00:49:30 
He's been speaking for less than 30 seconds, and I already want to roundhouse kick him in the head.
2012-05-04 01:07:31 
He's been speaking for less than 30 seconds, and I already want to squee and huggle him :3
2012-05-04 16:41:51 
He's been speaking for less than 30 seconds, and I already want to shoot him in the face (with a bullet made of cold iron, of course).
2012-05-04 17:32:06 
He's been speaking for less than 30 seconds and I've already written steamy fan-fiction about him and Gavin...
2012-05-04 18:51:36 
He's been speaking for less than 30 seconds. Now I wait for the next comic.
2012-05-05 00:19:55 
He's been speaking for less than 30 seconds, and I already want to take him home and rename him Squishy, so that he can be *my* Squishy. XD
2012-05-05 01:27:20 
He's been speaking for less than 30 seconds and he's already got fanboys and fangirls!
2012-05-05 03:38:57 
First, I turned Moraine into Chuck Norris, and now this. I wondering Darc and Matt have anything else I can ruin...
2012-05-06 03:44:08 
He's been speaking for 30 seconds, and spends the rest of his round noogying Hunter.
2012-05-06 04:47:24 
He's been speaking for less than 30 seconds and he already has a dozen fan pics on Rule34. ^^
Stripey blue socks
2012-05-05 04:11:37 
Dear Marcus, I have essentially no idea who you are, but think I love you for the fan-fiction comment.
Godel Fishbreath
2012-05-05 12:09:53 
Also agree, Marcus rocks.
2012-05-04 03:23:44 
He's trying to provoke him. Bet there's a rule that he can't attack a human unless he's attacked 1st.
2012-05-04 03:26:18 
Heh, Hunter's expressions say it all, I love it.
2012-05-04 04:33:19 
"Aren't you a little short to be a stormtrooper?"
2012-05-04 06:38:49 
Nah. He's like that with everyone judging by the other fae's reaction to him.
Time Platypus
2012-05-04 17:07:46 
Also judging by the fact that he's Puck.
Ted Schiller
2012-05-04 07:39:50 
I suspect Puck gets his jollies teasing folks rather than tormenting them.
2012-05-04 14:33:51 
Hehehe... I have decided tht he is a cool character.
2012-05-04 17:30:38 
Puck has always been the one for mischief and pranks rather than mayhem and murder. This does not mean his pranks are harmless, but he does make up for things when they go wrong. Of the Fae, Puck is the 'safest' I do like the little horns, as Puck has often been drawn as a Faun (goat-legged, like Pan)
2012-05-04 19:13:10 
Puck seems good hearted. XD
2012-05-05 16:05:46 
Yup, that's Puck. God I love the little bastard.
Iron Ed
2012-05-05 16:26:41 
Puck. Is. Funny! I especially love his 'concerned' look in the last panel. :-)
2012-05-05 21:21:55 
Yeahup, that's Puck. Take an empty shell, add equal amounts of irritating and adorable until you paradoxically want to shoot him AND give him a hug, then throw the switch and release the lightning and you've got yourself the quintessential Fey's fey.
2012-05-06 03:45:40 
Well, at least he hasn't made an ass of himself this time (yet).
2012-05-06 13:31:45 
nice detail on the wallpaper, livens up the palace
2012-05-06 14:27:57 
ah puck you seem to change your mood and tone with every few sentences. heh i can hardly wait to see what he comes up with next in his goal to annoy hunter and the young prince.