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Issue 13 - Page 03

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Well, it's a good thing my roommates are you to my cackling, because this made me laugh. Hunter's face is priceless!
Used! Used to my cackling! How did I miss that???
Not to many artist include the ears in expressing the emotions of their characters. In this case it was very well done! And while in the case of this new Fey, I fear Hunter is going to be a pawn for their own 'games'. Poor Hunter.
Dare we say... the "Hunter" Games? /ducks in cover
Not quite sure that was the smartest thing to do, Puck. But Hunter's expression is totally worth it.
Well, thanks for drawing Puck's expressive face there, Darc. I didn't *need* to get any sleep tonight, anyway.
Bahahahahaha...oh, Puck ^_^
Scotty K
Puck looks like one of those creepy clowns you see at amusement parks. lol
And here's the greatest of the Fey's troublemakers to give Hunter some "help". At least it's not the Prince already.
*giggles evilly* I have a feeling I'm going to love this Puck as much as I loved him in "Gargoyles" way back when.
The only reason Puck isn't my favorite character of Gargoyles is: There's a TON of awesome characters and it's so hard to choose!
Puck is always a fun chatterer if done right. i have a feeling that Darc knows her Puck but time will tell.