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Issue 13 - Page 02

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And the plot thickens further *chills*
Scotty K
Indeed. it reminds me of one of those old cartoons my mom watch when she was a kid, when the anouncer says " Will our hero hunter make it out alive? tune in next time for CODE NAME HUNTER!!!" lol
Hunter can't break the high rules but what about Gavin? I bet Puck will follow along just to see what kind of entertainment he can get out of it, thus a witness.
oops, "treaty night rules"
"Spill no blood" is a rule with a loophole. There are ways, both with and without magic, to kill someone without spilling blood. There are also ways of hurting someone that don't spill blood. The fey never make a rule that has no loophole, because they make rules to bend and break them if they can. It's when others make the rules that they have trouble finding loopholes.
Solo Ion
I had been wondering about that. I suppose that a taser would be a usefull weapon on treaty night. It's a shame that they don't seem to have tasers.
"You're supposed to be brave!" He's also supposed to be *smart!* Under the circumstances -- facing mortal peril without a weapon -- he's doing the *smart* thing.
Did the posting schedule get changed or is just this one strip offset a few days?
Nope, this strip is right. Page 2 of Issue 13. Page 3 goes up at midnight.
^_^ I absolutely love ur comic! Sadly i can only do stick figures. LOL
eric bloedow
i just remembered: in a novel by Mercedes Lackey, one of the "500 kingdoms" series, someone said that a Fey marked with iron would NEVER recover! if that was the case in this story, Gavin would still be missing a hand.
eric bloedow
oops! i've been re-reading the archives, and i saw that i was wrong: gavin did NOT get his hand burned off like i thought...