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Scotty K
lol! that moment when you realize that you've been talking so long, even your pray gets board and leaves
Frith Ra
Monologues, the bane of every master criminal & evil doer. BTW: Scotty - it's "bored" as in suffering ennui instead of "board" a chunk of wood. ;D
Scotty K
Yea, sorry. Lol. I never did spell very well
Iron Ed
Now that was funny! :-) (And it's also "prey", not "pray." ;-) :-) :-))
LOL this reminds me of the Incredibles thoughts on monologuing!
"Incredibles" was a pleasant story and notice he is wearing a cape(cloak). We should all know what that means to his fae-life-span.
"Ungrateful as well as rude" hardly counts as a monologue, but if you say it while examining your nails, it does give your prey a chance to slip away.
Ah, Gavin. Sees how beautiful the night sky is, doesn't realize his tent's been stolen.
Silly Gavin. "Where'd he go?" Somewhere else. But please, do continue your little speech. There's only so far those two can run after all.
Mind you... if they ever work out how to jump realms at will, it byes them more time.Then it's only a matter of outrunning every other fey.
Nay good sir! bye as in good bye. But mayhaps not so good as you point out.
I'd not be surprised if Puck wasn't helping them a little. He enjoys twisting tails of Fae and Mortal both.
Yeah, Puck might be a jerk sometimes, but that doesn't keep him from being adorable ^_^
Looks like Hunter has some ninja skills he has kept up his sleeve.
Scotty K
Either that, or he ran like hell!
One of the problems of the english language is the great number of homonyms. Since english is /has been spoken by most of the colonising nations of the last century, the language has become a defacto "patois" by inheriting words from other languages. This makes the homonym problem get worse over time...
That is the main reason why some graffiti cracks me up. 'where' 'we're' 'there' 'their' Scary messages lose some punch with bad grammar.
Well we (the English speaking world) have been accused of staging commando raids on other languages and stealing anything we can!;-) And we are so guilty!
The English Language does not borrow from other languages; it sneaks up behind them and knocks them out, then riffles through their pockets for loose grammar
This does have the interesting side effect of making spelling bees both possible and HILARIOUS. They'd be a lot less fun if the "definition" option included etymological origin.