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Scotty K
2012-04-23 00:14:01 
lol! that moment when you realize that you've been talking so long, even your pray gets board and leaves
Frith Ra
2012-04-23 00:27:03 
Monologues, the bane of every master criminal & evil doer. BTW: Scotty - it's "bored" as in suffering ennui instead of "board" a chunk of wood. ;D
Scotty K
2012-04-23 22:45:15 
Yea, sorry. Lol. I never did spell very well
Iron Ed
2012-04-23 00:31:19 
Now that was funny! :-) (And it's also "prey", not "pray." ;-) :-) :-))
2012-04-23 01:24:46 
LOL this reminds me of the Incredibles thoughts on monologuing!
2012-04-24 20:46:15 
"Incredibles" was a pleasant story and notice he is wearing a cape(cloak). We should all know what that means to his fae-life-span.
2012-04-23 01:41:50 
"Ungrateful as well as rude" hardly counts as a monologue, but if you say it while examining your nails, it does give your prey a chance to slip away.
2012-04-23 02:29:39 
Ah, Gavin. Sees how beautiful the night sky is, doesn't realize his tent's been stolen.
2012-04-23 02:46:44 
Silly Gavin. "Where'd he go?" Somewhere else. But please, do continue your little speech. There's only so far those two can run after all.
2012-04-23 04:35:47 
Mind you... if they ever work out how to jump realms at will, it byes them more time.Then it's only a matter of outrunning every other fey.
2012-04-23 04:36:52 
2012-04-23 06:58:33 
Nay good sir! bye as in good bye. But mayhaps not so good as you point out.
2012-04-23 07:29:07 
I'd not be surprised if Puck wasn't helping them a little. He enjoys twisting tails of Fae and Mortal both.
2012-04-23 08:09:17 
Yeah, Puck might be a jerk sometimes, but that doesn't keep him from being adorable ^_^
2012-04-23 10:59:26 
Looks like Hunter has some ninja skills he has kept up his sleeve.
Scotty K
2012-04-26 15:47:54 
Either that, or he ran like hell!
2012-04-23 13:00:25 
One of the problems of the english language is the great number of homonyms. Since english is /has been spoken by most of the colonising nations of the last century, the language has become a defacto "patois" by inheriting words from other languages. This makes the homonym problem get worse over time...
2012-04-23 14:46:16 
That is the main reason why some graffiti cracks me up. 'where' 'we're' 'there' 'their' Scary messages lose some punch with bad grammar.
2012-04-26 05:08:54 
Well we (the English speaking world) have been accused of staging commando raids on other languages and stealing anything we can!;-) And we are so guilty!
2012-04-26 23:13:07 
The English Language does not borrow from other languages; it sneaks up behind them and knocks them out, then riffles through their pockets for loose grammar
2012-04-28 06:06:55 
This does have the interesting side effect of making spelling bees both possible and HILARIOUS. They'd be a lot less fun if the "definition" option included etymological origin.