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Issue 12 - Page 24

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Iron Ed
Wow! Nice effect!!
Curses! It really is Gavin! RUN!
Oh my...yeah I thought so! Wonderful splash page!
dun dun DUUUUUUN! Can't wait!
Never any cold iron around when you need it... ;-D
What about ceremonial suits of armor? It IS a palace, right?
Ted Schiller
I suspect his actual purpose is to trick Hunter into doing something that violates the treaty. If he violates the treaty, fun times for the Fey Court and they won't appreciate it.
Good thing Hunter didn't grab his sword. He'd be more tempted to fight. Now he'll do the smart thing, which is run until he can find help
Well, to grab his sword, he'd have to HAVE his sword-which he doesn't. Protecting the Prince isn't supposed to require a weapon on the Treaty Night.
TBC?!? I hope it isn't long before it is.
See I told you, young prince and hunter, no longer bored!
1, make Hunter think you are attacking. 2, Hunter errs and defends himself. 3, Treaty is null 4, bad guy now can take Hunter. 5, profit!
@Alan: I was referring back to the 'start of the night', where Hunter was asked if he was taking his sword and he replied that he wouldn't need it. Thus, he didn't grab his sword before coming to the treaty, and now he's not going to be able to attack... or withstand a magical attack. Thus, he runs and unknowingly preserves the treaty
He should be able to hold off a magical attack as he is wearing his collar
Fulfillment? Bring Hunter his BROWN slacks...
eric bloedow
i keep thinking: no BLOOD is to be shed, but they can hurt each other without actually drawing blood...